DWN: Apple espaliers trained and ready to plant

This bareroot season I noticed a large number of Espalier Apples from DWN (at my local independent nursery) already trained and ready for planting. As close to plug and play as I’ve seen. Curious if anyone has planted any of these and if they met expectations. I almost took a picture of the trees in stock, as it was pretty amazing, but was in a rush and had to leave.

Boyer’s Nursery of PA sells huge trellis-espaliered apples in pots. They are quite beautiful. In the summer, whichever ones have not been sold yet get put on display in their parking lot, often with fruit dangling from them. They are usually quite pricey.

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Yes, I’ve seen some potted before as well, but these were bareroot from DWN and I didn’t catch the price. They had 2 & 3 tier. I’ll most likely try one next year.

I see them every year in these parts of the country. They are priced I think $70 for a 3 tier one.

Edit: Correction, $70 for multigraft ones. $90 for espaliered varieties.

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I went to Boyer’s today. They had espalier apples for sale (all Honeycrisp or all Yellow Delicious). These things were monsters. Roughly 9 feet tall and as many feet wide:

And here, you can see that they’d like to sell it to you for $210! Just drive your truck to Pennsylvania and have at it!

My kid had no interest in it. He just wanted to play in their hedge maze: