DWN SOFT program

If you are looking to special order fruit trees from DWN for the coming season, you have until Nov 10 to do so:


Mr Clint, are there ways which those of us that don’t have access to a dwn retail nursery can participate?

Not that I know of. You may want to contact DWN directly and see if it can be arranged some other way.

Yup thnx

Sanhedrin Nursery does mail order trees and they are listed as accepting soft orders.
DW Mail order list
Special Order Fruit Trees list

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I have done SOFT orders from Bay Laurel in past years. White Heath is being discussed on another thread, I think that is one of the SOFT trees I got.

If I had more money handy, I would go bonkers on the DWN SOFT program. Lots of great trees from great vendors.