DWN Website Top 50 Home Garden Tree Fruit Varieties?

A number of my favs made it to the top ten:


  1. I completely agree with the top rated plout, apricot, plum, peach and fig.
  2. The top rated apple comes in at 24. Seems to be an indication of how Californians regard apples.
  3. ‘Arctic Star’ nectarine is a huge omission.
  4. The pluerry at 6 and jujube at 14 are inexplicable.
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I am glad that I got a few of the top 50 trees that DWN recommended.


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blenheim apricots are true winners, even in this hostile desert. Here at least, they seem to be the longest-lived, most productive and pest-resistant of all the prunus species. And the nutrition they pack is enough proof they are worthy of the dwindling water in lake mead…

not sure what you meant about the jujube’s rating being inexplicable, but i do agree, except probably for a different reason. If a jujube should be ranked in that list, then the variety li shouldn’t be the entry

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this too is a bit dubious, as li jujube is clearly not better than, say, pink lady apples, which came on the list at a very low top 40, i think

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I’ve just never had a jujube that wasn’t much more than sweet Styrofoam. I hear there are great ones, just never had one yet, and I’ve tried a bunch that were unnamed from various fruit stands. ‘Pink Lady’ is rated way too low, good call. ‘Blenheim’ cots when they are right, there are very few things that are better…


you’re not the first one to say that, and it also happens that the li variety, which was listed at top 14, is one of the most styrofoamy of the jujus(!), especially when harvested on its first crop during summer.
btw, if you enjoy apples, and shoud someday want to try growing jujubes, try the chico variety Tastes like a wickson, but lighter in flavor and sweeter(apples are fairly close cousins of jujus)… And most importantly, quite crisp and not styrofoamy.

it is pretty good, and was actually correspnding with another poster earlier about this variety, that it is one of the best-tasting apples-- per martha stewart

and as for californians being somewhat eccentric about their choices, it is probably due to the wide, wide array of fruit species they coud grow there. So many that it bewilders. And of the many, all are awesome!
Californians edge out even hawaii and fl, in my opinion-- when it comes to fruit-growing options. When i lived in irvine(socal), i saw neighborhoods there with avocado trees and apple trees standing side by side. And both were fruitful.

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The way I read it it is the 50 most visited web pages, quote below.

“Which tree fruit variety pages do DWN website users most often access?”

“The lists are based on unique pageviews (the number of user sessions during which a specific page was accessed) for the 12-month period ended September 30, 2015. Varieties without individual pages, such as vine and bush fruits, are not included.”

I could see the pluerry and jujube and other odd fruit being most researched. Most people have a good sense of what apples are like from the grocery store, but need to look up the unusual trees. I don’t think these are their 50 best tasting fruit.

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thans for pointing that out. And it sure explains why.

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