E&R Seed

Thumbing through the E&R catalogue. Anyone using Nufilm 17 as a sticker?
Satisfied with the results?

Yes, I use it and it is excellent. My all time favorite though is the turbo sticker.

I use it, too. I started with Bonide Turbo and moved up to NuFilm 17. I think NuFilm does a better job.

NuFilm comes in a gallon jug so it appears more expensive than Turbo. I think comparing them by volume, NuFilm is cheaper.

For those who does not use a lot of spreader, Turbo is sufficient as it comes in a much smaller bottle.

Some of the pros here have also suggested another product called Tactic.

Grow Organic carries Nufilm,but calls Therm X70 Yucca Extract ,the best spreader sticker they sell.I’m not sure why.I think they are both classified as organic. Brady

Regarding Tactic and Nufilm, Mamunag is right, a lot of people use Tactic. In a study, it showed improved retention over Nufilm 17. I used Tactic last summer, but plan to switch back to Nufilm. New film just seems like a better product to me, even though the study showed otherwise. In that sense I guess I question the study. Nufilm so sticky it’s hard to even get it washed off the measuring cup.

Thanks for the feedback. I do a lot of spraying and had been using Turbo purchased from a local garden center.
The size just didnt do it for me. Also for a good portion of the year I spray at two week intervals, and a sticker is