Early Asian (?) pear ID request

I grafted this several years ago to an existing European pear. I have some vague memory that it was an Asian pear, but the tag has long since disappeared to critters or weather. Can anyone make a guess what it is? Ripe off the tree today (8/15) in SE PA. Somewhat bitter skin, mild pear flavored flesh.


If it really is an Asian pear, then it sort of resembles my Shin Li. Mine are a few weeks away from ripening though. How do the leaves look? Most Asian pears I’m growing have leaves that look significantly different from European pears.


It may have been early. I turned it upwards and it detached easily.

Here are some pics of my Shin Li currently. Not quite the same mottling that yours have, and they are still very unripe.


That seems right. Only some were ripe, it turned out. I didn’t spray or anything, so they got a bit sooty looking.

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