Eastern US Black Mulberry sighting


Sounds to me like the easiest way to tell Morus alba from other varieties is the unusually short berries, I wonder if any other mulberry tree has such short berries.

I am not sure how accurate this is yet this states that Black Mulberry (Morus nigra?) starts ripening later than other varieties https://homeguides.sfgate.com/mulberries-ripe-36622.html


That is correct, excluding the everbearing varieties


My first sighting in Miami, Florida zone 10B. These are my own actually:wink:

These I got a year and a half ago. They are about 5’ tall. No pesticides. Notice the dark brown/black buds, hence their designation as “black mulberry”, of course not for their black fruit, because as discussed before, white mulberries can have black fruit. The leaves are thick and velvety, very fig-like, and not glossy like the other kinds of mulberry. These haven’t fruited yet. I have to be patient. They are grafted on what I think is M. alba rootstock.



They look very healthy! Hasn’t Miami been experiencing the daily rain, like the northern part of the state? What have you been doing for them? Last summer was just as rainy as this year and by July my nigra was totally inundated by fungal leaf spot and dropped all its leaves. That is when I initiated a fungal spray program and it regrew its leaves. This year I kept it sprayed whenever the temperature and humidity were high (basically since mid May) and it hasn’t lost a leaf. My hope is that it will acclimate to conditions here and one day I will be able to drop, or at least reduce the spray program. Just wishful thinking perhaps, but I have seen fig trees struggle when young, but when fully mature seem indestructible.


It’s been raining consistently in a typical summer pattern. At one point, there were mealybugs, but these guys kept going with no pesticides. I mulch freely, and I use an organic fertilizer sparingly. The first few years will no doubt be arduous, but like you said, once they gain some girth and a few years under their belts, I think they’ll be fine, I hope…


first time i have seen coconut palms in the company of morus nigra’s.

ferns and opuntia’s make a striking cocktail as well !


You have keen eyes @jujubemulberry


have a bad case of wandering eyes, my wife always says :grin:
also tend to rubber-neck when driving and chance upon an ‘out-of-zone’ tree on someone’s yard.


Speaking of…I know where a huge eucalyptus tree is … in Mint Hill (Charlotte) NC.