'Easy Greens'

Take an el cheapo (one cubic foot) bag of potting soil and roll it around to loosen up the contents. Then lay it flat and cut a window in the top. No need to poke drainage holes in the bottom (at least I didn’t). Shoe horn in some seedlings and/or scatter some seeds about, water, wait and snip when you want some greens. What’s easier than that?

At the end of the season just fluff up the soil and reuse it in a container or apply it in the garden beds or the compost pile:

This bag was grown over Winter and had ‘Batavian’ lettuce and ‘Pigeon’ spinach growing in it.

LOL! Looks good! I’m about ready to plant my lettuce. i use a pot or two. Well the root pouches, cheap, big, excellent for many uses. these are the best ones.
I want to put my radishes in too. I put them in rasied beds. just about the easiest plant to grow.

Waiting for the night temps to go above freezing to plant my onions out. I heard they can be hardy to 20F, but I’m wary to put them in ground.

good ideas. I have a thick black plastic tub that is sold in the construction supplies at Lowes for mixing concrete. Its not very deep only 5-6" which is perfect for greens.

what a lazy method that we all can use to save the back aches. Thanks for sharing it.

Read where you can snip those leggy onions in half to make them beefier. Also read that cutting them half down near maturity will make the bulbs larger. I have not tried this but noticed some old timers used to bend them over when near maturity. Maybe we should stand on their shoulders more often. We are still having blizzards here but I filled some trays today to get my onions in. What long day varieties do you grow?

Yes, I do need to snip them. They are pointing toward the light. They are still young. I never grew them before. I did read to snip, and also to bend down near harvest. I used this guide


I have to go pull the seed packets to see what they are I don’t remember? I’ll edit this post later with info.

Just ordered some root pouches to start some veggies. What do you use as the potting soil or does it not really matter that much since the water should drain faster in a root pouch?

I use so many pots I make my own. But yeah they drain well. The high end commercial mixes are decent like Promix, Fafard, Happy Frog, etc.