Easy way to start fig cuttings in glass flower vase

I got these cold hardy fig cuttings by swapping scions with Kelby. I placed them in the flower vase and added 4" of purified water and 2 weeks later all the cuttings rooted and leafed out with Breda. They will be going in the ground in a few weeks.


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Very nice.

It may be warm enough to plant them out soon in Omaha. … looks like some 70Fs…?

That is the easiest method I have seen. Do you put it in a heat pad or near ant heat source?

No heat pad, I placed the vase by the West window. Are you going to root any fig cuttings this year?


I’m going to have to try that with some.So far,my success with Fig cuttings hasn’t been very good.Are they showing a lot of roots? Brady

Brady, I used to root them in baggies a method I got from F4F 6 yrs ago. Too much work of let the fresh air in daily and a warm spot and fighting molds. Now they rooted easy in purified water with lots of roots.


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Tony, make sure you knock off the breba figs that are forming. They will rob the cutting of energy needed for roots.

Glad to see they are thriving for you! I’ll be starting the bulk of my cuttings soon, I just got some really neat varieties I’m hoping do well.

Kelby, thanks. I will knock them off. Are you using the water method? Here are some fig cuttings that I traded scions wih Fruitnut: Strawberry Verte, Panevino Dark, and Sal’s.


No, I tried water rooting once but I always forget to change the water. I’ve had the best success with wrapping the upper 1/2 to 2/3s of the cutting in parafilm and putting right in a pot with potting soil. I was also trying rooting in coir, fair success with that but I like direct potting since there is less handling of the roots.


Thinking about rooting some figs here too…glad you are having success, Tony.
I did a similar method to what Kelby describes and got around 90% take-ended up with too many! I gave away a few, donated some to a library plant sale, and still have dozens in pots down in my cellar…now why am I going to root more? New varieties and the treat of watching cuttings take and grow.

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I went the old way,sticking cuttings in cups of soil/medium, and making a green house over them.

How often do you change water? When you said purified, you talk about filtered water or distilled water?

I tried rooting in water this winter. I changed the water every few days. Still the cuttings all rotted before rooting. Also I’ve read that the roots that form in water aren’t the same as in soil.

I’m liking the parafilm and direct planted in Pro Mix HP. Probably 90% takes but I’ve lost a few more since.

I don’t change the water. I just fill it up to 4 " mark every week. Just any drinking or distilled water. Pretty easy.