Eating Healthy

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Post pictures of your healthy receipes.

You mean drinking healthily? What variety of apple is it?

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One problem with juicing is that you remove the cellulose from the sugar and unnaturally alter your bodies metabolizing of that sugar. It’s a bit like turning coca leaves into cocaine.

It is not a problem as long as you don’t overdo it, but chewing your fruits and vegetables is ultimately probably the healthiest way to consume them. The roughage is beneficial in multiple ways.

That’s why I always chew my coca leaves when I need a little extra energy.


I also wanted to “juice” my raspberries, although in a healthy way!

I solved that problem by replacing the cellulose with alcohol. Well it works for me!

Raspberry infused vodka


I use a blender for that very reason. Greek yogurt, greens (usually spinach), fruit, and orange juice make an amazing breakfast smoothie.

It’s a fuji apple. The flesh is red because it got stained with beet juice.

good thinking.

I’ve never put a combination of fruit in the blender that I didn’t like. Lately it’s been a combination of apple with skin, pineapple, banana and blueberries. I add unflavored whey protein or soy protein and dehydrated vegetable powder. Sometimes Greek yogurt. I thin it a bit with water or grape juice. In the summer when there is watermelon around that works to thin it. I use an old Oster blender and change the blade, which only costs $7, when it gets dull.


When I try to do whole fruit it turns to foam. Maybe I need to do bigger portions.

Try starting with a few ounces of water or or juice. Sour cherry, grape, berry or apple juice are watery and thin the mix. Using fruit with high water content helps. If the blender is strong enough to turn ice to slush it should work OK on fruit.

I found that putting in a small amount of seeds/nuts solves the foam problem. My preference is walnut as it’s easily available. Adding pomegranates is good too if it’s available. I believe the oil helps releasing the air trapped in the smoothie after the high speed blending.
After blending the smoothie at high speed, I also turn the speed to the lowest possible setting to allow as much of the remaining air bubbles to float to the top.

Back when we ran the farmers market here in town and grew winter greens we were always totally blown away at the amount of people who bought our carrots/beets/kale/etc to juice. I guess I must just be old fashioned, I still enjoy EATING my food. Lordy, when did chewing go out of fashion? lol


I made Dragonfruit-Pluot-Mint juice today.

What kind of mint is that?

looks like spearmint, not mint.

We can’t even cut our own avocados anymore :slightly_smiling:

I’m not a big juicer guy…i own the machine, but use it to make smoothies sometimes…


Wow, just and extra $2.50 to cut it in half and have the seed removed. My life just got so much less complicated.

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