Edmunds' Roses?

Has anyone ordered from Edmunds’ Roses? If yes, could you please comment on the size of those you received? Were they comparable to retail-nursery roses?



I have an order in with Edmunds’ Roses, but haven’t received it yet. This is the first time I have ordered from them in years. However, I would think they would be comparable to retail nursery roses because Edmunds is one of the big wholesalers that supplies those roses to retail nurseries. Also, they have been around for decades.

If you bought a variety that is grown on its own roots, expect it to be smaller than a grafted rose.

Thank you for the reply. I guess I’ll give them a try. Most online sellers are through for the season and Edmunds has a couple I haven’t found elsewhere.


You might also try High Country Roses and Northland Rosarium. They sell potted roses grown on their own roots, year-round. I ordered from both places last year and was happy with the roses and the service.

I actually prefer own-root roses even though they start out smaller.

Nice prices at both. Unfortunately, neither had the ones I was looking for (Black Baccara and Pope John Paul II. I bit the bullet and ordered from Edmunds.


I like High Country roses. Good prices, but their plants range in size from small to very small. They do have a good replacement guarantee, though, and have honored it the few times there has been an issue.