Elderberry harvest time

I’m having a hard time finding info on harvest times for different varieties.

I have Bob Gordon and am looking for something that comes in at the same time. Wyldewood is listed as a good pollinator companion for it, but no harvest date is given. I’d like to find the earliest producers possible, hoping to minimize the impact of SWD, when it arrives here.

Any ideas?


wylewood and bob gordon were too late ripening here. frost would kill them half ripened. i read adams and johns that are earlier ripening. mine should fruit this summer. i have both if you want some cuttings. also check out thebaileyfarm.com she sells some new england developed cultivars that are even earlier. message her. good luck!


Man, how sad. The Bailey Farm you linked to went out of business. Sounds like they lost everything due to drought.

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wow! i just realized this. last year i sent some cuttings to her from a wild bush i found. sad as she had culitvars native to n.england and i don’t know where they are still offered.

Found this… woot woot


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