Emerald beaut pollination partners?

I have some plum and Pluot scions that I need to graft and thought about adding some to my Emerald Beaut. I have satsuma, Laroda, flavor grenade, flavor supreme, and Burbank. I’ll scratch Flavor supreme off the list immediately due to its fickle nature. I know EB is a late season fruit but wasn’t sure about whether it’s a late bloomer too. I was thinking FG might be best since it’s also late season but since it’s Pluot does it bloom earlier than EB?

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EB does bloom on the later side for a J plum. Mine overlaps enough with the pluots that it gets well pollinated.

It depends on chilling and weather conditions but I’d think EB and FG would overlap enough in many situations.

EB is on the early side for me, right now Mariposa is the only plum in bloom, EB has a few blooms out, and all the others are more dormant. Anyway no problem with too late a bloom :slightly_smiling:

Thanks guys. Just goes to show how regionally different these things can be. Geographically I’m much closer to Scott but I guess until my own trees start blooming I can’t know for sure. My plums are all planted in the same small footprint so realistically probably not a big deal. Just curious

For me, EB has been blooming very late. Peak bloom was way after FK, FS, Zee sweet nugget pluots. Maybe even after Candy Heart and Satsuma but they are too small to count this year. I grafting Burgundy onto the EB. I’ll report back on fruit set next week. Right now, EB fruitlets are shedding petals.

Climates with low chilling and warm winter days spread out bloom compared to Scott’s high chill area. In northern areas bloom on everything may be 3-4 weeks. In SoCal that can be months.

Yup I’m realizing that now.

Also, longer growing season, or colder weather leading into spring seems to inspire a greater spread out bloom within varieties of a species. Here there is usually adequate overlap between earliest and latest blooming apples. I believe as you get further south this is less and less the case.

same observation here in 8b. EB is latest plum blooming of the 14-15 plums I have. I added it to help better pollenate my AU Producer that was a consistently late bloomer with low fruit set. This is the second leaf for my EB and it looks to be starting to bloom now; right along with the AU Producer - which is exactly what I was aiming for.


My Emerald Beaut has grown vigorously and has set a decent amount of fruit!


Vin, hows the fruit look now on your emerald beaut? Since it’s basically the latest ripening g plum of the year when do you suspect you’ll harvest?

My first year tree has put on a lot of growth and has a few grafts growing on it as well. Hopefully next year I’ll get a couple of fruit from it.

Mine is 4th leaf and ripens early August in Fresno.