Establishing ground cover before weeds take over

I’m trying to use creeping thyme as a ground cover in a few areas. The area is too large and remote to mulch with typical pine bark or shredded wood mulch, but even though eventually the plants will cover the ground, they don’t grow as fast as the weeds do.

My idea was to use red rosin paper as mulch - it’s cheap and easy to work with - it will decompose rather quickly but I’d think slowly enough to let the creeping thyme get pretty good coverage first - thoughts??

I seeded Mother of thyme last fall. The germination rate was high and growth good. Spring regrowth is exceptional. my takeaways. I planted on the clean flower boarder and the grass side of my walk way. as you can see Thyme vs Grass, grass wins.

my spread was not perfect but I think its easier to pull up some thyme from where it grew in thing and just burry it in the bare areas.

My advice is to fill a flat with top soil or sand and peat moss and apply a generous and seed. once you have heatly starts clear the area again and plant your plugs.

If you need plugs now I would divide nursery plants. They are over seeded and two crowded for there own good.