Etter’s late ripening apples

Do you know how late these apples ripen in your area?
First hand experience is appreciated.
Etter’s Gold
Muscat de Venus

My Gold Rush is the very late ripening apple in my zone 6a east coast. I ‘d like to find out if any of these varieties ripen after GR.

Thank you.

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Muscat de Venus ripens in mid-October for me on the Marin County coast, about the same time as Wickson.

Had to start over with Vixen after a surprise late frost killed it back, so no data on that one yet. It reportedly ripens in early November here. My Etter’s Gold graft is blooming for the first time right now, so no first-hand experience with that yet either, but it reportedly ripens over a long period starting in October in these parts. I’ve been told that it’s best to let them hang on the tree for an extended time.

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Thanks. You are in zone 10 and they ripen for you in Oct and Nov. I wonder about my chance here in MA!!!

MdV ripen for me in mid Oct. too, z5.

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That’s good news since you are in a colder zone. It ripens for you in Oct so it could ripen to me in Oct, too.

Gold Rush does not fully ripen before hard frost arrives in late Nov. Once temps goes down to 22-23 F, game’s over for me. Any apple ripens later than my GR probably won’t work for me.

I still have a GR in my fridge from 2015! Looks good yet.

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Almost four years in storage! Incredible. Mine picked last Nov. I have eaten them all these month. There are still 4-5 in a closed bag in my fridge. I thought that is quite a keeper already. Yours beat mine by a few years :smile:

Apple lasts longer than the tree, it failed at the union 2017.