Etter Varieties grown out East/South

I, like most of us apple enthusiasts, am very interested in the Etter apple varieties. However, I am in Virginia in a completely different climate than they were bred for. I am wondering if all those who have experience growing these apples out east or in the south can talk about their experience growing them, especially disease resistance and flavors. There is a lot of good info on the forum for Wickson crab, but not a ton for the many others. Thanks for any information you can share!


I think every single of Etter varieties will go anywhere in the USA except the very extreme areas.

Want Waltana, Etter Gold, Crimson Gold and Vixen for here in 8B. Already have Wickson planting this year.

Can’t agree with this. Several of his red flesh apples are no-go in the south. Many are scab magnets and fireblight picnics.


Ah. Wouldn’t know here. I don’t have/want red fleshes. Seems to me most disappoint no matter where they are grown. Forgot Alaska. Etter’s main big apples are all fairly ok with disease pressure. I have heard of Katherine getting bitter rot like it’s parent.

Im out near Etter’s old stomping grounds currently. We’re staying right near some old defunct apple orchards, and so my thoughts turned to his varieties and legacy. Im growing Wickson and really like it. Wondering how other varieties have fared in my region. I know that Pink Pearl grows well, though I don’t grow it. How about Vixen and Katharine? They seem to be two of his better selections, though perhaps a bit late for VT?

Season length is indeed worth considering when selecting Etter varieties. Rubaiyat, Vixen, and Crimson Gold ripen around late October here (about 4 hours SSE of Ettersburg). Christmas PInk, Waltana and Katharine are a couple of weeks later. Grenadine and Pink Parfait are a couple of weeks past that, around the beginning of December. These are pick-and-store dates; most will hang somewhat longer and sweeten on the tree. I tend to pick Pink Parfait along with Hauer Pippin in mid-December.

If you have trouble ripening GoldRush, the Etter apples above may not be good choices for you. Climate-wise, Pink Pearl, Pink Pearmain, Blush Rosette, Wickson, and Muscat de Venus are more likely to ripen for you.