Eu Plums Ugly enough?

This is year 4 for my 2 in 1 planting of Eu Plums… Mt Royal n Rosy Gauge.

Someone told me last year that Eu Plums have to get ugly before they start producing.

Mine have not bloomed yet.

Wondering if this might be the year ? Year 4 ?

And also wondering what exactly can you look for to perhaps know if they are going to bloom / fruit ?

Are those little short shoots what you call fruiting spurs ? The tree on the left has lots of those… on the right has some too.


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I can confirm. That is what the fruit spurs look like on my mom’s Stanley tree. If the weather cooperates you should see some plums this year.

Can also confirm, my Mont Royal finally produced plums after about 4 years with spurs like yours. And yes it’s an ugly tree haha.


ugly trees need love too! :wink:

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Well… the tree on the left has leafed out a bit ahead of the one on the right… New leaves, but no blooms.

The one on the right is starting to leaf out some now and looks to be the same results. No blooms…
I started the EU Plums in spring 2018.

I have never seen EU Plums bloom, but assume they are like J Plums in that blooms come first then leaves.

Be prepared to wait on euro plums…