European hybrid fruit: Sharafuga, peach x plum x apricot hybrid

Thanks, I think I will!

I got here for the same reason - on Ukrainian garden forums the origin of this hybrid is a certain mystery, and im intrested to find some information about it.
It came to us from Europe (mine was immediately called Nectacotum, not Sharafuga, and was transferred as cuttings from Germany).
The fruit itself is large and quite interesting, although, apart from the good flavor of Japanese plum, to me it was hard to feel any other flavors, not apricot nor nectarine.

I also like Globus, fruit can be quite large, has a pretty good taste, productive and has a small free stone in contrast to many other varieties. Also it makes excellent dried fruits. But yeah, new hybrid varieties look more exciting.

Pretty interesting, that we have two rare ukrainian varieties of Nectaplums, they look pretty similar to Spice Zee and also have purple leaves! They called like nectarines Medvedivsky-1 and Medvedivsky-2.


My friend, you know it’s more complicated than that.
For me, many “Ukrainian” varieties are called Russian today because of the war. Even Ukrainians call them Russian because they are grown in Russian-occupied territory.
I understand this heartbreak. I myself am disturbed by the fact of saying that these are Russian varieties.
Crimea was Russian, then became Ukrainian and today is occupied by Russia.
A large number of varieties came out in Nikitkaya botanical garden. Some may be both Russian and Ukrainian. But today the botanical garden is controlled by Russia and the patents are Russian.
I hope that in this war there is a theft of territory, but also of intellectual property.
In France, we also have several territories which successively became German, then French. But I fear that the scar this war will leave will be deeper. I don’t see the end and it saddens me.

Yesterday I grafted the Standesto plumcot.

As soon as you can taste them :grin:, keep us informed if it’s worth ,

A new Tsunami of new hybrids is coming in the next years !!

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Hi my friend
I thought and hoped this issue had beed cleared.
Crimea was never fully russian, if you go back to 1600’s. Let’s not discuss history on this forum, but history touches everything anyway.
I agree with you on some of your quotes, but I disagree on some of yours too.

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