Evaluating 2021

Having a bad year? For me a bad year doesn’t exist, they are all good. When you grow a good variety of fruit tree’s it can offset your yield. There are so many flexibility’s that makes a difference. For instance, it pretty much wiped out my persimmon tree’s, other than that I can graft a bunch this coming spring. My other varieties of tree’s easily make up the void.
My spirit of growing stuff will always be my number one goal. Pluses and minuses? No problem. Winn, Winn is my spirit.
As I look at my citrus minni tree’s seeing all those yellow glob’s hanging in my “ green room, can’t wait to try a few all the way through March. Happy,happy.
Today temps be in the high 60*’s, door will be open for bee,s to pollinate some of my flowering citrus trees, they usely show up at 60*.They don’t mind going in the Greenroom. They usely go home at 4.(high fifties).


a diverse collection is the key. that way youre always getting something even in difficult years. never put all your eggs in one basket. nice collection of potted trees Bob. i have a kumquat, calamondin and dwarf Mineola. id have more but not enough room to over winter them…

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Thanks Steve, I like challenging things,always have. Citrus is a hard one to learn, especially container culture. Getting the hang of it. This is my collection.
Red dots are tree’s I am growing.


That sounds like a good attitude.

I use a bit of a shotgun approach. If everything I had yielded like the catalogues imply, it would be way more than I could manage.

I’m starting to get to the point where enough things are producing, I think there should be at least a couple of things each year that do well. That’s a good place to be. It’s also got me thinking about how much energy to put into maintaining and improving what I’ve got, vs. the always exciting opportunities to try new things.


im getting to that point as well. even if i get too much some years ill sell it at the farmers market. imagine the look on peoples faces when i show up with cherries , mulberries and apricots. all things people around here think doesnt grow here.