Event - Lee Reich in Woodinville, Washington

This Thursday Feb. 23 Lee Reich will be at 21 Acres (13701 NE 171st St., Woodinville WA) from 7pm - 9pm. Talk is titled “Uncommon Fruits For Backyards and Small Farms”. Tickets at eventbrite.Com

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Perhaps a synopsis of his book?

That could be so Richard. Starting tomorrow Seattle is hosting the yearly flower and garden show at which Lee will also be speaking. It is nice to see them adding more fruit growing lectures.


I think it’s a great opportunity for folks gardening in that U.S. region. I have read many of Lee’s writings, and also lived in both northern (latitude 40) and southern (latitude 30) California. I came to the conclusion that if you draw a rough line from Monterey Bay California to St. Augustine FL, then gardening to the north of that line at nominal elevations would benefit from his writings, otherwise not.

I went on Eventbrite and entered Lee’s name and also the title of the talk and nothing could be found. Brady

Brady are you on Facebook? Not sure why there are broken links but if you go to the Seattle Tree Fruit Society’s Facebook page it should work.

Okay,that worked,but it may be sold out.I can probably see him at the Flower and Garden Show. Brady

I’ve heard him several times on the “You Bet Your Garden” radio show/podcast.

I’ve enjoyed him and he seems very knowledgeable, albeit a bit too “crunchy” for my taste. (I have absolutely no objection to natural and organic methods, but I don’t know that they’re entirely realistic for someone in my climate who wants a steady supply of reliable fruit.)

Thanks for the info, OP. Wish it was in my neck of the woods.