Evergreen Huckleberry

They grow wild around my house.

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Do they taste better cooked? Or do you leave them for the birds?

The E-hucks have a good flavor, small fruit size can be an issue, making the fruit seem seedy.

Boizeau: Your Profile has a typo: “rises” should read “ribes”.

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I’ll fix that.

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I make jam out of them.
Cleaning out the green and mummy fruit is time consuming, but great flavor jam.


We pick Huckleberries yearly, most often V. Ovalifolium.
I want the evergreens to taste good. They are abundant, and easy to find when we go to the coast. But have never tried one I didn’t Immediately spit out. However I have not tried cooking them.

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Best part is that the black tailed deer don’t eat them!

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They are an attractive plant

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Click on the B , top right beside the mail icon should be a “gear” for settings, then press account and drop down click profile and edit your text. Welcome to the forum! Funny that you should post about Huckleberry, I just discovered there is a variety native to the east coast last night! It grows “clonally” and may be the oldest living organism on earth.

The reds are cool too but a PITA to grow, needing a nurse log. I was never able to successfully transplant them from native plant salvage sites.