Experience with microclover

I’m considering adding raised beds for my garden since my soil is pretty poor. I am trying to find a good alternative to mulch in between the beds. During my search I came across microclover. It’s basically a genetic dwarf white clover. Does anyone here have experience with it?


No. But It is a great idea and I think you will be happy if you proceed.

I think there is no better ground cover than clovers as long as you are willing to let it spread as it throws off seed annually. I have it growing in my bark mulch around my fruit trees. The nitrogen it fixes and adds to the soil helps to breakdown the bark mulch and creating an even richer top soil that helps to hold moisture in the soil during dry spells. Clover is deep rooted, requires very little watering to establish and once established, it’s deep roots are a drought resistant ground cover. Mine is normal white clover. Bees and other pollinators are always in the clover which makes them available to pollinate your veggies. Good choice
Kent, wa

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Let us know if you are able to source it and what your experience is. I have used pink clover before but a more compact version would be helpful.

If I do it’ll probably be next spring. I still need to get my boxes set up. I’m running out of nice weather quickly. From my initial search it seemed pretty common as a lawn option.

I read a few reviews and they seemed mixed. I wouldn’t be the one who tilled up their entire lawn to be replaced by this without a little smaller scale testing first, though.

I am constantly searching for a good tree ground cover. I like comfrey and have it under all my trees. It is very prolific, easy to divide, and great as a chop and drop. I’ve used glyphosate to kill under the trees but it’s not without risk.

A low growing clover would be a nice addition so I’m hopeful it might prove useful. I see it is rather expensive.

Thanks for the miniclover tip! I was mulling over what to plant as ground cover in additional 1000 sq ft orchard spot. Sounds like a great option.

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