Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Hello from Czech Republic SMC_zone6
I’m interested in changing persimon.Thank you for answer


When I stripped the little Redfield I found not 10, but 17 fruitlets forming. Of course, I couldn’t check seeds, but that many apples give a clear indication of self-fertility (and hybrid vigor, as M. domestica and M neidzwetzkyana are different species). This is going to need serious composting and mulch in years to come to keep it going!.


Greetings. Sounds like your Arborose is the apple listed at SeedSavers as Henneuse pearl. I would really love to get scionwood if possible. It is no longer available at The Arboreum!
I have over 500 apple varieties so would be happy to swap if you are interested?


Sorry 'bout your Redfield. It does beautifully here. I cleft grafted it onto an older Gen202 (thumb thickness stock) last spring and it is huge, seven feet tall. Will top it before moving it in spring and graft again, probably.


Looks like I’m late finding this discussion.

Redfield on M111 is doing fine (no blossoms yet though)…and two grafts I made a year ago onto G-202 both took. Are growing a bit slow but look healthy.


If you are interested in a bit of reading, check out the website of a UK breeder at http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/apple43.html

I think some new red fleshed varieties are going to be released soon.


Yes, thanks, I’ve been to the Sutton Elms site several occasions.
I keep having difficulties with the Redlove varieties…but currently have two grafts of Odysso on a tree with multiple grafts. I also keep killing Baya Marisa…the daughter of Wierrouge.
Niedzwetzkyana is the one that got my attention a few years ago. Been collecting more red fleshed ones each year since.


Wanted to share some photos of seeds from an apple I received in an exchange a few years back. It was just called Red Flesh. I only had the one and it was damaged by hornets so can’t say much about it, but it was mealy and sour and astringent. Beautiful seeds though.


None of my red flesh apples had a crop this year. I had expected Niedzwetzkyana would, since it had crop the second and third leaf. This was #5. On M-111 root.

Those are very red seeds! Usually they are burgundy/cordovan color.


those are beautiful radishes…



Winekist had been moved across the street last year, so did not fruit in '17. This year it set a dozen fruits. Since its debut crop in '16 had no worms without protection, I thought it would set a crop of unblemished fruit. Wrong. If it grows next to Bardsey, it is fine. If not, I must cover them with kaolin covered orchard socks.
Winekist made ruby colored, aromatic sauce, cooked down in 10 minutes.

Redfield grows alone across the other street. It set 6 fruits, and I checked two before they were fully ripe, 9 October. 12 and a half Brix, still pretty tart. Made beautiful slices in pie that added flavor, color and held their shape baked. Flawless fruit; deep burgundy seeds.


Every time I’ve tried to order Winekist, it’s been sold out. But I’ve bought or traded for about a dozen other red fleshed varieties. Probably be 2020 before I get any fruits or maybe even later from 2018 grafts.
My Redfield, on M-111 rootstock, was five feet tall when I obtained it in 2016 bareroot.
It is pretty well branched but less than 8 feet tall and has not had the first blossom yet.

I’m eager to try it. And I am hoping to harvest some seeds for planting when it does finally fruit. I’ve surrounded it with three sweet and one cider apple, plus both of it’s parents.


Lucky-P , how about an update? How are your red fleshed apples doing at KY/TN line?

Niedwetzkyana has done well, but isn’t very tasty, that’s a fact. Still waiting for fruit from my other ones.

If you still have Giant Russian, perhaps I could obtain a scion stick when the appropriate season arrives?


Still have several. Any are available if anyone thinks they must have them… I’m still with Ed Fackler… they’re mostly crap in z5 or warmer.
Almata is the only one that’s worth the space it’s occupying. It’s actually a relatively pleasant eating experience… but a light producer.
Winter Red Flesh is a low-producer, and I rarely even bother gathering any of its fruits. Giant Russian and Geneva both produce large fruits… but scab really badly, and the fruit is dry and somewhat astringent. I only ever use it for adding color to Kerr or Centennial brandy or jelly.


Actually I bid on a project in Muhlenberg County two months ago…but didn’t get it.
If I’d known you had red apples, I might have tried to arrange a side trip for a taste.

Yes, if you will share the Giant Russian, I’ll be happy to pay for shipping during the dormant season.
I can pm my personal info if this is agreeable.


Sure. Contact me in late Feb.


I think Ed never tasted enough of them. Close to 200 of my 1,300 apple varieties are red fleshed and some of them are delicious. Visitors to our UPic love them and they sell out the weekend we let them get picked. I think if Ed had sampled Red Devil or Winekist or Almata or Geneva or Surprise or Estonian Wine Apple or my crosses called Derek’s Pink Dream and Ruby Sipper to name just a few. Alamata produces great here and Geneva is so well liked that I added additional trees a couple of years ago. And we are on SE Ohio and that is zone 6b.


Can you please post pictures of your red fleshed apples with their names. I have 3 red apples. Thank you.




Ate my first Rubaiyat for the first time this morning. (Squirrels ate the other two!)

Pretty red color. Brix was 13 but boy, it was sour!!! Flesh was quite dense and a bit on a drier side.

I had Suncrisp and Ananas Reinette the other day . They also had brix at 13 but Suncrisp tasted the sweetest, then, Ananas and Rubaiyat, which my hubby asked “ Was this an apple or a lemon?”