Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


Pretty though. Meant to be Cooked!


Like apple sauce or otther stuff?


I have had apple pie and turnovers made with Redfield, they were great flavored and interesting visual appeal. I think most of these are best processed, cooking or fermen.ted


I’ve seen Red fleshed used to color up cider as well.


Yep! Spiced apples and lots of applesauce!


That’s why my rubaiyat is being grafted over!


I’ve found that Rubaiyat needs to hang a long time to develop enough sweetness to be good for fresh eating. That’s also true of Christmas Pink, and especially of Pink Parfait. (I understand that Grenadine is the same, but mine is too young to fruit yet.) These apples need to be stored for a while if they can’t be left on the tree until November or later.

They may not be a good bet unless you have a very long growing season. In addition, their texture may suffer in areas with too much fall heat. I’m in a cool coastal area in Northern California, and they do perform well and avoid mealiness here. Pink Parfait is especially good - I’ve planted two full trees of that one.


I will go for less red color and stick with the pink fleshed apple of Mott Pink. It is juicy, tart and sweet, never tested the brim, should have but didin’t. It is one of my favorite eating apples. The red fleshed varieties aren’t as well known here as in Europe. Cannot wait to eat the German varieties! My only other red fleshed apple now, is Crimson Surprise. The blossoms are really deep magenta, quite striking really. But no apples yet. I hope they are not the size of a mini red delicious!


I have only one graft of it to satisfy my curiosity, I do have other red- fleshed varieties and hope that they will fruit soon.

@jerry, It dropped by itself. From the color of the seeds, it was ripe.


We have very few red fleshed apples in Australia, I have only heard of two that are available.

I have seen ‘Redlove’ but am told that it tastes much like granny smith. I am growing ‘Huonville crab’ which is thought to be a cross between a crab apple and an unknown domestic apple. The flowers, bark, and leaves look very pretty. It is very productive and covered in tiny apples that won’t ripen for some time yet.


We had a earlier than normal hard frost this year and rubaiyat really suffered texture-wise. Very lumpy and odd shaped apple. lot like my head! Even with a hot spring and summer it went from ripe to mush in a few days. The only Etter apple that has done well for me has been Muscat and it has been a shy producer.


JesseS, my Redfield has not bloomed. It’s on M111, and I’ve had it three years. The couple grafts I made onto G-202 may catch up to it bloom-wise.

Looking forward to Rubaiyat and a whole bunch other red apples, but will have to be patient.



Any comments on the Arborose apple? Is it truly solid red inside? How does it compare to other red flesh apples?


Hi, I dug it up and gave it away last year. The rabbits attacked it for the first two years, even though it was surrounded in chicken wire. Gave it to a good friend who has fruit trees, and she said nothing about it blooming this year. So, I wish I could tell you. One thing, it is a very slow grower, do not remember the rootstock. After four years, I never saw a blossom.


Yes, thecityman, that’s normal for Rome.


I almost bought that apple a number of years ago when it first came out. The color of the flesh looked so red it was almost unbelieveable so I never bought it. Other countries are way ahead of us in red peaches, pears and apples. I had hopes for Arborrose from Arboreum, but it barely grew and never blossomed. It stayed small after rabbits ate it until it only two feet tall. I caged it, it grew very slowly. Never blossomed. Has anyone had any luck yet with Arborose? I had such high hopes.


Very pretty. Taste?


Arboreum hasn’t offere it the last few years. I’m going to see if they’ll sell scion wood this winter because I’d like to give it a try too.

One Green World is offering a few of the Swiss RedLove apples for spring 2019. Calypso looks like a good one.


I love that you did that: surround it with good prospects for seed production & both its parents. With each passing year I am more impressed by Redfield as a tree and fruit.
If I can get Discovery going, I hope to cross it and Redfield. Think crossing Redfield with Bardsey worth a try, too, with that enduring lemon goin’ on in Bardsey, and juiciness.

Maybe I can learn to save Redfield pollen to put to Claygate Pearmain blooms…


My Limoni di Casina apple trees had fruit for the first time this year, not only did they look like lemons but tasted like them too and I do not mean being tart but actual lemon flavor. Reading this post made me make a note to try a Grenadine or Almata x Limoni di Casina cross. Although I grow Bardsey as well so that is an option.

There is so much fun in the planning of what crosses to try when you think of the desired results you want!

We had fruit this year for the first time from a cross I did a couple of years ago of Red Devil x Hawaii.