Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


I’ve been bitten by the red flesh apple bug. My grafts of Airlie Red Flesh have produced fruit for the past two years. I enjoy the flavor. To me, it’s a nice balance of sweet and tart, and a little something more like berry. Im not a gourmet but I know I like them.

I ordered Redlove Era from One Green World this winter. It came about 2 weeks ago, nice bare root tree, lots of thick healthy looking roots. Now it’s planted among the other trees.

I have a minor thought of crossing the red flesh apple with one of the columnar varieties I already have, such as Scarlet Sentinel. Then maybe we could have a red flesh apple with pink flowers, in columnar shape. But first, of course, this new tree will need to grow, and bloom, and bear fruit… :slight_smile:


You might be interested in the work that @SkillCult has done with Maypole, an existing columnar red-fleshed crab.


I have a columnar apple tree with red flesh.
Cuckoo variety.


Niedzwetzkyana is pretty upright…though not tight like a pole apple.
Deep pink flowers, red leave in spring, and orangish foliage in fall.
Apples aren’t very tasty though…


What’s that? Cuckoo? Is that what you named it?


I’ve looked at his videos. If he is experimenting with Maypole, I’ll experiment with something else.


I have memory of 24 varieties of red-fleshed apple trees, including 7 varieties of the brand Red love. Here is a redini (almost the same as the Red love)
As you see I’m not invented and it’s protected by a patent.


Thanks…sounds like it may be from the Swiss breeder. Anyhow, thanks, I’d not heard of that one.
I have Odysso, and have another of it ordered. Had Cierce, but it died.



Thanx for spotting it.



Did you note Arhus76 comment…on a pole apple with pink flowers and red flesh apples?


Yes thank you for noting that! That appears to be available in Europe but not the US. I do like that it is described as scab resistant. I wonder what would happen if one crossed Redlove Era, for example, which is supposed to be disease resistant, with one of the Urban apples. They are also columnar and disease resistant. Seems like a good combination.

If I can locate a US nursery that sells Cuckoo for a price I can handle, I’ll probably buy it. I’m Hopeless :crazy_face:


I bought Redlove Era from One Green World. It came last month and I planted it. The tree was very nicely rooted and had a nice stout whip. I think it will be off to a good start.


I grafted Redlove Calypso in the spring of 2018. My wishful thinking is for it to set fuit in 2020. Realistically, it may be 2021 before it will fruit.

What roitstock is yours on?

Somehow, the videos of the Redlove series have done a good marketing job. I am more excited about this series than other red flesh varieties.


@mamung, this is from OneGreenWorld website: " Rootstock Description : M-7 is considered a semi-dwarf. Will grow 12-16 ft. in height."

They did do good marketing. Got me to buy one!


I have 3 apple trees on M 7. “They” said it should be staked. I did not do it. The first two (6 -7 years old) are now leaning. One of these two is leaning so much it could topple over anytime now.

The 3 rd tree is going to 5 yrs old this spring. Somehow it is very straight (for now). They produce apples in their 3rd year so this rootstock is pretty precocious.


I put some red fleshed apples on B-9 last year, so I may get a bloom or two.
(If I do, I’ll probably collect the pollen and try hand pollinate a couple things with it…don’t want a tree 18 inches tall or less having fruit.) Others on M111 and Seedling. I’ve lost too many in containers on M111 overwintering outdoors.

My M 7 trees all leaned…but none of them ever blew over…that is with about 3 decades of experience. (But seedling rootstocks didn’t bear good for more than a dozen years.) As long as I’m ordering roots and grafting…I’ll be using something besides M7 or M111. They are just too slow to bear. If I want a really big long lived tree I’ll use a seedling or B-118.

I’ll be using B9, G30, G202, G890, B118 and seedling (Antonovka plus homegrown seedlings)….this spring…starting by first of March maybe.


I’d choose G 41 over B 9 any day. Unfortunately, I have mostly B 9 rootstocks and too cheap to buy new rootstocks so my new trees are on B 9.


I bought Frostbite on G41 last year…we’ll see if it blooms this spring.

How, in your mind, is it preferred over B9?


I planted a B9 ( Golden Russet) and a G41 (Fuji) side by side in 2016. Both are dwarf rootstocks. The Fuji on G41 has grown faster, bigger and more productive.

Both flowered and fruited in their 3 rd year. GR on B9 had a couple of clusters of flowers. I ended up getting 2 apples from it. Fuji on G41 had several more clusters of flowers. I had a dozen apples from it.

Same soil, same growing condition, same treatment with quite a different outcome.


Thanks for sharing. But, I think Fuji is the more vigorous grower, and your ‘test’ would be accurate only if both trees were the same variety planted in similar conditions. (And even then, 2 is not a very large experiment.)

The gist is G41 is more vigorous and perhaps more precocious. Any other traits separate them?
(I have all the charts on rootstocks from Cornell).