Experience with Red Fleshed Apples

Do u know when Scion are on figbid?

I thought I read he was doing it differently this year.

Do you have any red fleshed apples at your place in France yet?

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No room. Wish I could. :grinning:


I understand there’s a couple varieties of ‘pole’ apples that have red flesh … maybe put in a large planter?

Yeah, like Geneva crab. I know of it only because Nigel Deacon took photos of it standing by Mere Pippin in bloom & with developing fruit, for comparison. Both bean poles.

I have 12 large pots. All 3’ tall, surrounded by ten smaller pots. No more!


I’ve had Geneva Crab for over 25 years. If it’s a ‘pole’ somewhere, it’s because they put in work pruning/training to make it a ‘pole’…unless they’ve found a columnar bud sport.

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The rootstock choice makes a difference.

Lucky_P: Ah, I got that impression because both apples depicted grew side by side, maybe only three feet from each other & were blooming for the first time. Apparently the grower had trimmed all branches on it to keep it very narrow.

Thanks for setting me straight.

Don’t try that on me! I like being a twisting winding crooked road. Makes me think I’m from Kentucky! :slight_smile:

Chris is an excellent source of information. His word carries plenty of weight in my estimation. Get a scion from him this year or next & give Darlene a whirl.
I hope to transplant Otterson soon. Since I’ve never tasted it, sure wonder how it would compare to Darlene Chapman (which I’d not heard of until you wrote this note).


Great to know, thanks Nutting. :slight_smile:

I did try these two in my last online local grocery order in November.
I got 5 of each to try (along with some other non-red varieties to try ). I think the LucyGlo was consistently better tasting, had a bit more wilder flavor in there (maybe thats some crabapple lineage?).
There’s def a more lighter red mixed with usual white color.
I think the outside is actually prettier than the inside :slight_smile: (of the LucyGlo, very pretty yellow skin color mixed with red).
Are there any super red varieties coming out soon? thought i saw pics of extreme red varieties on this thread.


Romes, Jonathan and quite a number of apples have red inside some seasons. Cool temps just before harvest seems to enhance the condition (not something you’ll experience in the Nashville area).


Anyone know of a red fleshed apple that still reddens up in hot climates, like my central Texas? Or would growing really late red fleshed apples be a solution?


If you make a cider is the juice red? Berries make red juice, but pink lemons do not make pink lemonade.

Quick general reply is yes–most of the time, depending on the cultivar and season.

Look up Otterson. It hit the media because of rosé colored cider in Michigan. I’ve got Otterson started in my yard. Perhaps I will find out personally…


I’ve had Otterson 4 years, but it’s in a ‘replant’ location next to a dying standard tree…so that my be the reason it’s still a stick 3 feet tall and doing nothing. So, I’m grafting it to a multi-graft tree today if temperatures rise as forecast later today. It’s 35 or so at 9 a.m.

Otterson came out of the university as a recommended cider apple. For it’s red juice mostly I suppose.