Experience with Red Fleshed Apples


My ready tree is growing a nice water sprout to receive your Mott’s!!!


I tried growing pink pearl and it died the same year. I think the roots never got established.

I also have Hidden Rose (Airlie’s Red) and it seems particularly prone to fireblight. I think it’s on mm106 it’s definitely my fastest growing.


are red fleshed apples primarily grown in cooler climates? haven’t seen any down here, but then again not many folks are growing apples anyway. Would be curious to see how they do.


yes, although it has yet to fruit. it grows pretty well, just slow to bear.


applebacon: A friend has Scugog, A decent little apple, even when the tree has been neglected.


I think I must squeeze juice from both Winekist and Redfield when they come into bearing, measure their tannin levels and report.

Anyone already done this?


I may have responded earlier in this thread, but haven’t gone back all the way to the beginning to see…
20+ years ago, when I was planting my first fruit trees, Ed Fackler, legendary nurseryman, who for years ran Rocky Meadow Nursery, warned me off of the red-fleshed varieties, telling me that they’d be ‘crap’ here in my hot zone 6 location on the KY/TN line.
I planted/grafted some anyway… and he was mostly right. While Almata is decent to eat out of hand, Winter Red Flesh, Geneva, and Giant Russian are virtually inedible here, only good for adding color or making jelly. Hidden Rose was a firebligh magnet and never survived long enough to fruit.
It could be, that in different - cooler? - climates, many of those redflesh selections are better from a culinary standpoint… but not here.


Hi Derek. When does this one ripen for you? Thanks


Had my first Rubiayat yesterday. All the red flesh was in the bottom half of the apple! They are small apples, no hint of interior red, tart but not too hard to eat. Probably 2 weeks early.


I re-planted a Redfield sapling across the street.- a goodwill gesture and opportunity to grow a tree that appears will spread more than the space I had available - and neighbors didn’t water it. It bloomed in August! Since no other apple would bloom at that time I simply hoped it would get buds formed in time for frost and maybe bloom again on time in '19.
Yesterday (September 17, 2017) we found 10 fruits developing. Of course I will strip it as soon as the neighbor’s wife has had a look. This is the strongest argument for an apple being self-fertile I have encountered directly. Since there are a dozen other cultivars nearby, it should set quite a crop when it gets older.
Not only beautiful, but impressive!


I haven’t juiced these but Redfield definitely seems more tannic for fresh eating. It also has less color than Winekist. I definitely prefer Winekist.


Have you used Winekist in baking, sauce, cider or fresh? So far I had only two sample apples, and ate them fresh. We have such sun and heat they showed 12 Brix, so not bad eaten in hand.

Both seem worth more attention.


I’m in western New York, and I’ve only eaten Winekist fresh as well, like you. They are small apples and tart but beautiful color, red all the way through. At least that is how they grow here. More color and less tannin than the other red fleshes. Pink Pearl and Winekist are so far my two favorite apple varieties.


For those who did not catch it on the other thread … Below is the Pink Pearl (my first) that I had this year.


Looks great! The Pink Pearls I had grown in Medina, NY were even more colored than this, solid pink, a few were so pigmented it was almost purple.


Mike, did you like the taste?



It was juicy, crispy sweet and tangy (like a combo Gala & Granny Smith).

It was definitely a good apple. I like a little more tang/acid but I can’t complain.

I have two aging in the fridge. Will see if the flavor changes in storage.

The wow factor is definitely in the color although the flavor is good. It is much better than some others I grow and will be topworking some to add more Pink Pearl scaffolds. For flavor alone I prefer Ashmeads Kernel or Calville Blanc.



Derek, can we get an update on Bakers Delicious?


Hope i can try to graft 2 Redlove scions on a M111 rootstock next year.

I already tasted the juice of Redlove apples and it was very good. :slight_smile:


I am jealous that we cannot get all the Redlove apples here in the US