Extending the blackberry season


I don’t take it bad I knew the risks and there are always risks.


The 10 survivors will fill whatever space you allow them in the span of a few years.

That is if the japanese wineberries don’t exert dominance over every square inch of the tract first. Their rhizomes spread through clay soil like a hot knife through butter.



I lost 90% of the wineberries also Matt! Kansas weather is not always kind! Let’s hope the survivors adapt.


Once the wineberries are established, resistance will be futile.


my PAFs are like that. they send sprouts everywhere! glad they’re in a raised bed or it would be worse!


Prime ark 45’s are both big and early!


They will grow like weeds!


Chester is ripening. I think I can start the greenhouse a month later next year. The berries will still ripen early enough and we can save a little on the wood we have to burn.


good job! gave up on my PAF and nuked them with round up. on a positive note my 4 babycakes dwarf blackberries have put on good growth and i have blossoms! going to get to finally try them this year! also put in a patch of wild / smooth canadian blackberries i found in a field aways from here last year. all 7 have grown about a ft. so far and doing well. the berries aren’t very big, about the size of a medium raspberry but they taste very good and supposedly cold hardy to the arctic circle according to PLANTS database. funny thing is all my 47 yrs. in the woods and this is the 1st time I’ve come across these blackberries. there must be some in your area. keep a eye out. would be easier that trying to raise blackberries in a greenhouse.


Freedom and the 45’s look good in a hurry! We had a bad drought this year that we are coming out of.Some of the berries are looking fantastic.