Extra buds on new bareroot trees for cordon espalier

Hi, first post - glad to find the forum.

I planted two Asian Pear trees a couple of weeks ago.

Trellis is in place and I trimmed each trunk to the first wire. I also painted them as they are on the west wall of our house at 5400 ft.

Thankfully, I have buds starting in all of the right places to get 2 laterals and a new leader on each.

I also have many buds down too low to ever use. Sbould I be rubbing those out?

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Great to have you! Post a picture of your trellis if you get a chance.

Where do you live?

I’ll try to remember to get som pics tomorrow and then I’ll figure out how to post pics here.
I am in the Denver area.

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Get rid of those buds. The earlier the better.

Piblarg, that was my guess but didn’t want regrets if i was wrong. I plan to pinch them off just after I get pics.


Welcome to the forum!

When you hit Reply (for a new post), there will be a bunch of symbols on top of a dialog box, choose the one with an “up arrow” symbol. That is the link to photos.

Welcome to the forum.

I concur with piblarg. Wait until you are sure the buds you want are growing, then get rid of the others with the exception of a third apical bud for vertical growth.

I finally got some pics together.

First, the Asian pairs:


Top of Hosui

Bottom of Hosui

I plan to knock off all of the buds on the bottom now. They are not useful. The buds on the top ;ine up very nicely with two obvious lateral candidates a few inches below the wire plus growth on top and in front for the new leader. Anything down 8” or more I will lop off.


Shinseiki top

Shinseiki bottom

This is a thicker trunk, but does not line up quite as well. There is a great left lateral candidate. The growth on the right just below it angles back at about 45 degrees. I’ll need to bend it to the front as well as up. The other right lateral candidates are down about 2;5” or the growth just over th wire that would have to be bent down while the branch is flexible. The font or top growth could become the new leader. Just like Hosui, anything 8” or more from the top will be removed now. The side branch will go.

Here is the “trellis” on the wall looking down the hill(about 15% slope or so).

Looking uphill.

Detail of bracket on siding

Detail of bracket on concrete

The wire is 1/8” wire rope and the brackets are 4x6. With the bases, the wire is about 8” from the wall and roughly at 30”, 47” and 64” at the trunk. Because of the slope. The bottom branch is more like 20” uphill and 40” downhill.

The grapevine trellis on the other side of the walk is the same type of construction in a Modified Munson arrangement.

Here is another with one-year bareroot vines getting established (Jupiter and Trollhaugen).

Here is another over-crowded with Somerset and Himrod. Himrod will be removed as soon as I can get a Himrod established on the new trellis.

The bar down the middle does a good job of keeping the posts from leaning in.

My only other fruit attempt is a pair of Pawpaw trees

The sick looking one is living in river rocks with landscape fabric. It os on the list to convert the re around it to compost and mulch. The good looking one was rescued from the rocks last summer. These have grown very slowly. They are not supposed to work here. The rescued tree had a huge bloom this year, but the rock tree nothing so no fruit. The rock tree may also br damaged by my neighbor spraying indiscriminately.

I have room for one more tree on the side of the house, I am thinking of Mt Royal plum trained in a fan.


From the picture, perhaps one can’t really tell. But my concern would be that the top three buds which you desire to use don’t seem to be pushing growth. What if the top two or three inches is dead, and you remove all the lower leaves? You could kill the little trees. If the top two or three inches are dead, keep the uppermost bud and let it become your new vertical growth to acheive the height.

Hi Masb,

I think that I am good on that front. You vcan see more growth on these updated pics. I could tell that it was coming as the sunburn paint was cracking in those areas. I am not opposed to using laterals 4-6" branching from below the wire. All of the low and rear-facking buds were removed. I still have more than I need but will reassess in a couple of weeks.



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