Failed Durian germination and Jackfruit saplings

Hi All

I did two growing from seed experiments this spring.

  1. Durian.
    We can now buy fresh Durian imported into our Asian supermarket(like H-Mart).
    I was able to see the seed germinated but rotted in the end ;-< , the price for failure is not cheap since fresh Durian in USA is expensive (like $10/lb).
    Not giving up yet, I bought an egg incubator and will try again if I get a hold of fresh Durian again. I know if this attempt is successful it mean more trouble for me. Building a tropical greenhouse in zone 5 or buy a piece of land in south Florida ?!
  2. Jackfruit
    I saw split opened Jackfruit with dark pink meat(sweetness!!), so I kept the seeds and was able to have them germinated into saplings ;). The problem is that I have 12 of them (10 potted , 2 in the garden).
  3. So if you live nearby 60169(Hoffman Estate, IL) and interested to adopt a few(for free), you are welcome to driveby and pick them up yourself. I plan to keep only two, since moving in/out for seasonal change is not small task. It will be a challenge if potted jackfruit tree can produce fruit in 5B zone. @IL847, interested ?

Good luck to grow these tropical fruits. I am out of room inside of the house during winter time. I have to pass your kind offer, but please keep us posted on the progress especially if any of them set fruits. Thanks