Fall and winter pest control

One of my goals is to do a better job with dormant pest control. Last spring I sprayed with dormant oil/copper spray as the buds were breaking. My orchard is small so I could easily spray more than just at bud break if there are any benefits of of doing so. I would like to know your thoughts and plans for this dormant period. All comments are welcome. Thanks, Bill

I have my own schedule, in the fall I spray a sulfur-lime- all seasons oil spray to kill any overwintering insects, and fungal spores such as peach leaf curl. When I run out of lime sulfur, I’ll probably just use sulfur-oil. I then spray with Wilt Stop to help trees retain moisture in this cold climate. usually in mid December. In March here I spray Kocide Copper with Nu Film 17 sticker. I also spray with Captan right before bud break. At this time I need to use Captan on my strawberries before they bloom so i hit my trees too. I myself don’t use copper during or after bud break. It’s way too strong IMHO. I use a Kocide like product, it’s actually stronger than Kocide, has a higher percentage of copper. And Kocide is strong stuff! I would worry it would kill buds if opening. These are dormant sprays after all. Meant to use when dormant, not growing. The Lime Sulfur for sure would burn any growing tissue at the dose used for dormant spray. You want to kill the spores before they can enter open buds.

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Thank you. This is the type information that I was hoping for. Bill