Fall Colors 2021 Garden, Orchard, property

We have some early Fall Colors starting to show up here in TN… some in leaves and some in fruit that I associate with fall.

Our peak will be more like early-mid October.

I love fall colors … please add to this anything you can from your place.


Found my first wild muscadine changing from green to brownish… when near black and soft… yum.

Carolina buckthorn ripening…

Sourwood …

Love the fall color of peach leaves…


I’m interested to see what color foliage everyone’s trees are for fall, by variety.

When I purchased Hardired nectarine and Methley plum several years ago from the local garden center, the leaves were bright yellow, and bright orange (at time of purchase in fall). However, since then they have exhibited no fall color. (Actually, none of my fruit trees provide colored foliage except a pear that turns dark red). Perhaps shot-hole fungus is causing the foliage to drop prior to changing? I have 12 peach trees on order for next year; it would be nice if some of them have attractive fall foliage.

This is a Tennessee Sugar Maple… I have 2 of these in my yard that I took from the woods when they were small (around 5 ft) and planted in my yard. That was 20 years ago.

Both have turned into very nice trees. The color on both is getting very nice this week.

Also a few wild persimmons I collected today. Some of these will be used for seed collection… others will be eaten.


Pignut Hikory in my backyard. It always turns a nice golden yellow. That mass of vine near the base is a wild muscadine.


Colors spotty here in KY south of Lexington. But, Big South Fork and Cumberland River watershed …especially the higher elevations…
are getting pretty.
Just not
quite there yet.
If no freeze tonight…may be better colors in first half of November this year here.

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Here is one of my favorite fall colors…

Yellow leaves and red berries.

Seng is about done for the year.


Japanese Maple


Here’s a couple random pictures taken around the property the past few days. I love being in the woods in fall.



Is that a ‘coral bark’ one?

This is my other sugar maple (transplanted from our woods) 20 years ago.

It has lost most of the leaves on the top already… but the bottom is awesome.

Yes coral bark - Sango Kaku

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Hardi ilinni blackberry

Climax blueberry.

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