Farms to visit/tour?

My brother-in-law, a friend of ours, and myself are looking for farms of interest to visit. We are located in middle Tennessee and have driven to Joel Salatin’s and Greg Judy’s farms the last two years.

I am more in to fruiting plants whether it is trees, shrubs, vines, etc but definitely am interested in the animal aspect as well. My brother-in-law is the opposite and he has cattle and sheep. He was very interested in how both Joel and Greg did their various tasks and how he could integrate those in to his own practices. Our friend is a soil scientist and in addition to seemingly being equally interested in both the plant and animal side of things he also likes looking at the various exposed striations of soil layers. All that to say our interests are varied but have a lot of overlap.

Does anyone have any suggestions on farms to visit that we could tour? Names that come to my mind are perhaps Ben Falk or Pete Kanaris (if either give tours) but neither is close to middle Tennessee in distance or bioregion. I find what Eliza Greenman and Steven Edholm fascinating but then again I don’t know that either is set up for tours and Steven is clear across the country. I briefly thought about Cliff England but I think I read here he has slowed down operations due to some health issues.

If you could recommend farms to visit, really regardless of their focus, and relative distance to middle Tennessee, what would they be? Though it is worth mentioning that while we have driven in the past if we needed to fly somewhere to see something good that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Thanks for any input you can provide. They’re both looking to me for more input on the next trip since the last two were more animal focused :slight_smile:

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I know you asked for Farms…but here is a list of orchards that may interest you…

For other states…they list them too.

River Road Farms is an espalier nursery in Tennessee. I want to visit one day.

Walter Anderson nursery in Poway, CA.