Fastest Grafting Techniques

I used to cover grafts with parafilm and then wrap tightly with a heavier plastic wrap for strength and pressure. This gets tedious if you are doing dozens of grafts. I started using longer pieces of parafilm with no secondary tape. After covering the graft with the parafilm flat, I then let the parafilm twist up like a rope. A few wraps with this really tightens up the graft. I also like that I don’t have plastic to clean up later. I’ll slit the parafilm with a box cutter later in n the year and just let the tree shed it. If you are making 100 grafts, this really saves time and has been very successful for me.


I do small scions/stock this way. I’m a little hesitant on larger wood. Looks to me like there would be no intervention needed for parafilm removal.


you should re upload your photos.

ive done this in a pinch when i didnt have the elect. tape with me. has worked good.

There was something odd about our connection and I couldn’t get any photos attached. Everything is better today, so photos were added.

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