Favorite seed catalogs?


I got it, too, but my purchase is essentially already complete


Ditto on Fedco - been buying from them for, oh, many years with good experience. I like their philosophy and support of local and small and independent growers, and for me their focus on short season varieties. Catalogue is always a treat even if just for the fun drawings (great artists really). Sometimes I buy from one or another independent seedsman for this or that. I don’t really buy many seeds. I do have a list of independent companies on my website (link below) in case anyone is interested. I’d copy it here but it’s fairly long and I haven’t purchased from all of them (but all have recommendations from others). Sue


A Burpee spring catalog arrive today.



The anti-GMO stuff nauseates me.




J.L.Hudson Seedsman


Below is a list to request some of the more popular seed catalogs:

Seed and Plant

Tree and Shrub


When I was little it was so exciting when the Gurney’s Catalog would arrive. I would spend hours pouring over page. Each of our kids got to pick one package of seeds. I would go for giant sunflowers or a jumbo squash. I can’t believe how exciting it was.


Another vote for Pinetree.

I don’t grow much from seed (the spring weather here is unpredictable and whenever I’ve tried, I end up with leggy seedlings from growing indoors too long or I end up finding bigger seedlings at local nurseries.