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Hey all, if you’re like me, you’ve probably watched YouTube videos to help with a variety of fruit growing issues. I thought we could post some of our favorite “YouTubers”. Maybe these channels would be useful to others on here, or maybe they are enjoyable just for their entertainment value.

There are several that I like, but I thought I’d start out with just two of my favorites.

https://www.youtube.com/user/DaveWilsonTrees/videos?disable_polymer=1 This one is probably at the top of a lot of lists. Tons of information on pruning and tree care. I also enjoy the orchard tours and fruit tasting videos. Besides, I just really enjoy listening to Tom Spellman speak.

https://www.youtube.com/user/1sustainablehedonist/videos?disable_polymer=1 this one may be a little less known. Has a really good series of videos on grafting, graft care, ect. Also several videos on apple tasting. Also does other non-fruit related craft/skill videos which are interesting even if you’re not into that.

Any YouTube channels that you enjoy that may be of interest/helpful to others?


I enjoy Skillcult and PA figs.

I’ve enjoyed following the progress of Skillcult on his apple breeding project. And PA figs seems to be an honesty guy with no sell, I like that.


I’ll second @SkillCult and DWN. I also like @applenut page for Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery – even with the old camera quality. Frankly, I’d just like to see more – I know way too much about the Bite Me! apple…


Oh wow, I didn’t even realize SkillCult was a member on here. That’s awesome. (edited to add that I actually forgot that he was a member here. I checked some old threads and see that I had replied to him about his videos - and great hair :slight_smile: ).

@bobinoc how do you like the BiteMe! apple?

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I watched a couple of @SkillCult videos this week, I learned some things on the interstem video and also enjoyed the apple tasting and review,

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I am on here, but I don’t use any forums very much due to conflicting interests. I get notifications once in a while and come by. I really like this forum, and I’ve recommended it a lot, because I think it’s a really knowledgeable and friendly community. I’m out to change the way people think about growing stuff and especially their level of involvement in what they grow. I’ve found that a surprising number of everyday folks get really excited about grafting and about growing new varieties for instance, once they see what is possible and it is demystified a little bit. I like Stephen Haye’s U.K.https://www.youtube.com/user/stephenhayesuk/featured his apple reviews have been helpful to me and he’s got a great personality. I might not be doing apple reviews, or doing them different, if it’s wasn’t for watching him before I started my channel. He doesn’t seem to be as active anymore. Nigel Deacon does some apple tasting and stuff on his apple breeding on Growing With Julie https://www.youtube.com/user/juliedrake23/videos I’ll check out P.A. Figs.


Fifteen Minutes of Fame on VA Public Radio
This may be the wrong place to put this . . . but I wanted to share that my email to our local PBS noon talk show, "HearSay’, was discussed on their program yesterday! Once a month, a gardening expert is the guest, and answers questions. The questions are mostly about the ‘usual’ stuff. Hollies. Azaleas. Vegetables. And yesterday . . . Pomegranates!
I was hoping that they would feature my email - because it would be so different from their normal fare. I sent them some links - where people could find the plants. It seems that a place right near Colonial Williamsburg, just one hour north of here, sells plants. Different people were contacting the program with questions and curiosity, as well as suggestions.
It was a lot of fun! I would love to start a ‘S.E. Va pomegranate’ group . . . and found one woman who showed some interest.


I really love the Stephen Hayes’ videos. Lots of good stuff there.

I haven’t seen the Growing With Julie channel before, so I’ll definitely check that out.

Thanks for the links!

That’s awesome, PomGranny. Does your PBS station have a youtube channel where they’ll post your segment?

Are you growing your poms in the ground outside, or potted? I have three that I’ve been growing in pots for the last couple of years, and putting them in the greenhouse over the winter. I just planted all three in the ground. Prior to being in pots, they were in the ground, but would die back every winter - even though they are “cold hardy” Russian varieties.

Where to start. In no particular order, Stephen Hayes, Skillcult, DWN, all of which I can watch over and over. I just watched a Fruitmentor video on another thread and I need to look up more of those. There is so much good info and entertainment I need to re watch just to refresh techniques and varieties.

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Hi Rob!
I had to download the podcast to play the show for my husband. Here is the link. It’s free.
My ‘thing’ doesn’t come on until about 15-20 minutes in, if you don’t want to wade through all the chatter between the host and the guest. Choose ‘In the Garden’ episode - 2/21/2018

Oh. Here is what I sent in the email. Decided to go with ‘short & sweet’. :slight_smile:

Jim (and Cathy!)
I am growing pomegranates in Chesapeake. It’s been a loooonnnnnnng boring winter, and by the time you discuss my pom shrubs on the show - I will have succumbed to ordering 16 more varieties (!) from different nurseries online.
The two that I have in my yard have been growing for over 10 years! They are not ‘supposed’ to do well in this area - and it took several tries, before I finally had success. The fruit is unbelievably good. So much better than the ones in the grocery.

I will soon have a small grove, comprised of some ‘Russian’ cold-hardy varieties like ’Salavatski’ and ‘Afghanski’. And a few more tender ones that do well in warm climates. I will pot those and bring them in for the winter.

What do you know about others’ experiences with pomegranates in Tidewater? And do you have any hints for me?

Karen Kinser

Rob, I see that you are in Tennessee. Probably much colder there, than here. I’m on the southeast coast in VA, which helps to keep it a bit warmer than the rest of the state.
I have 3 in the ground right now. Two are older and well established. Wonderful & Grenada. The third is small - (3’) - and much younger (also a Wonderful, I believe) . . . and has died back a time or two. I think it is old enough now to make it through the winter without dieback.
But, I just decided this year, to try to put in an experimental ‘grove’ of pomegranates - because I love them so. I ordered these different varieties from several different sources - and they are all in their original ‘traveling pots’ or I repotted them in fabric pots - and they are dormant in my garage.
Come mid-April I plan to have all the holes dug and amended - and will put them out in ‘the real world’.
Here is what I am trying. A few may have to stay in pots, which I will ‘wheel in’ come next winter. Some because they are too immature to plant - and some because the varieties are too tender.
I am an optimist . . . but also a realist. I don’t expect they will all make it. It will be a trial and error game.

Grenada (a new plant)
Wonderful (a new plant)
Lyubimy ‘Favorite’
Hotuni Zigar
Bala Miursal
Golden Globe
Nikitski Ranni
Purple Heart

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I’m discovering some interesting channels! Great :slight_smile: Here are some channels that I like:


I got scion wood last year and grafted in my nursery. Was a bit of a slow grower, which could just be a combination of my grafting skills and the very close spacing in my nursery. I’ll give it a much better spot this year and hopefully go for some fruit next year.

Mine on 111 is slow.

Thanks, Jessica! I’m not familiar with either of those channels, so I’ll definitely check them out!

I have watched this one again and again. Aside from loving his accent I find the explanations on pear pruning very helpful. It is put out by WSU.



I love the weird fruit explorer. He samples and describes fruits I’ve never heard of and many that I will likely never try and it’s so fun to vicariously experience them!


Lots of great fruity YouTube channels out there! Here are a few that I didn’t see mentioned above:

Plant Abundance (Bay Area) Plant Abundance - YouTube
Pete Kanaris (Florida) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXFCIrnBRp0HRAWRn1TiEmA
Green Garden Guy (Hawaii) https://www.youtube.com/user/GreenGardenGuy1
VeganAthlete (Arizona) https://www.youtube.com/user/VeganAthlete
Self Sufficient Me (Australia) https://www.youtube.com/user/markyv69
TrulyTropical (Florida) Truly Tropical - YouTube
Ben B (Seattle) Ben B. Seattle - YouTube
David The Good (Central America) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC208478ECji1rdkDDbB0vHQ
Greenie’s Garden (Arizona) Greenies Garden - YouTube
John Kaisner Permaculture (Sicily) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihULSx-zVOcA0_M-QEXF3w
Praxxus55712 (Iowa) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6YgvyGnc7HBvBEVAeDnsiw
Robbie and Gary (SoCal) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1cDQMkljsH2M3XesAPvAxw
Ross Raddi (Pennsylvania) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCh4xi7vaYdiuljzcdr4pBw
Shamus O’Leary (Arizona) Shamus O'Leary - YouTube
Wendi Phan (SoCal) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOFi3DwTiNUvH3xFIAETQgA
Yes It Will Grow Here! (Arizona) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ8BlqRwYdJRaD2z9mJUMA
Zaatar Gardens (Central CA) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB6gskYVvlXzPvCOBzjFP9Q
What’s Ripening (Florida) What's Ripening? - YouTube


My favorite Youtube channel is One Yard Revolution by Patrick Nolan. What that guy has done with his zone 5 suburban backyard garden is amazing. He is able to grow and harvest year round in zone 5 without heat! Very informative video’s. He’s done many experiments with different techniques, soil amendments etc and documents and presents the results of these experiments wonderfully.


I didn’t mention OYR because I’ve never seen him talk about perennial fruits in his videos. It’s all just annual vegetables, tomatoes etc…