Feb 10th - Please join me in celebration and gratitude

One year ago on February 10th @scottfsmith completed the initial groundwork and became the first member of this fruit growers’ haven.

During the course of this first year, there have been over 2,400 topics initiated which have included over 45,000 posts. The forum has drawn 450 members this first year, over half of whom have been active users within the last week, and as benefited a far greater number who utilize the forum as guests.

Thank you, Scott! You took the initiative and created a wonderfully helpful and beneficial site that has become populated with a supportive, knowledgeable community. GrowingFruit.org continues to accumulate and disseminate helpful information by the day, much of which cannot be easily accessed elsewhere.

This very warm and welcoming community has helped me improve my fruit growing efforts, succeed in harvesting what otherwise would have failed, introduced me to possibilities that I didn’t know existed, and provided an avenue to share my successes, failures, worries, and frustrations with others who understand.

I sincerely you wish you many happy returns of this anniversary. Thank you so much!

:birthday: :balloon:


Huzzah !!! Huzzah!!! For he’s a jolly good fellow.


Happy birthday to growingfruit.org and thanks to all those who contribute!

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Thanks @MuddyMess_8a ! The whole reason this site has been successful is a group of people was committed to making it a success from the very beginning. I set the software up, but didn’t do anything really to spread the word. Fortunately many people here stepped up to help spread the word and get the site off the ground.


Its a huge success and you’ve made a lot of people very happy and far more informed! Doesn’t get better than that. . . only glad I’m part of it!


Thank you, Scott. We surely appreciate all your efforts and the undertaking of launching a forum. So many wonderful people and so much great information. Congrats!

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Thanks Scott for his work :birthday:

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Thanks Scott. You-da-best

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It goes without saying. Or maybe it doesn’t. Thank you, this site is the best.


This is the only forum that I joined AND opened up AND learned. Thanks to ScottfSmith…


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One more thank you and comment. My opinion on why this site is outstanding is that Scott is one of us fruitnuts. Scott I certainly mean that in the best way. You knew what this site needed to do. Bill


Scott, thanks for being our benefactor. I also would like to thank @fruitnut, @alan, @hoosierquilt, @Olpea and other frequent posters for their invaluable advice!


What a great site!

Its almost as much fun to “grow fruit” on this forum as it is to grow it in the field

Fantastic website and group of people that make it that way! Thank you for making it possible!

Thanks to Scott and to everyone who makes this site great. It’s a pleasure to be part of such an authentic community.

Thank you Scott …

and to all those who joined and partook by giving, accepting, sharing and actually bringing this forum to life by taking away a little piece of what is here and nurturing and propagating that little piece over and over in the small part of the universe that makes up our gardens and orchards.




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Big props to Scott and all the active members here. This the most “family like” forum I’ve ever been a part of and it’s become a highlight of my day checking in and learning from all of you fine folk here. I feel privileged to be part of it. Cheers! :beers:

wow its been a year already. Thats crazy!.
thanks for all the info and help this site has to offer.

What a great site! Time fly, and it is one year now, Thank you Scott for proving us a great place to hang out.

Great site! Thank you Scott and all members!