Feb 10th - Please join me in celebration and gratitude


:smile: Not memory, but I do keep tabs on a lot of things in this community, like who’s new and what types of posts they are making, who has signed up but not posted, fluctuations in #'s of visitors, what regulars are MIA, members enthusiasms and sensitivities. Just part of my perhaps eccentric way of trying to be a good member. My way of keeping a nurturing eye on a community that I care about.

I don’t even know who played in the Super Bowl this year, much less who won any particular World Series. :smile:


I nominate Muddy as Secretary for growingfruit.org. Brady


Congratulations Scott!

And happy B-day for the forum and me!


Me, one of those on the first day?.. I feel ANCIENT

Mike :skull:


@MuddyMess_8a I’m impressed with your stats there!

@cousinfloyd also joined on the first day and I think he posted the first fruit-related question to get the ball rolling.


The earliest stats I can view show the date members earned their Basic Membership status. Cousin’s didn’t show in that category until the 13th, but he was, indeed posting on the 12th, and very instrumental in getting the fruit growing threads rolling, as in his Wanting to Understand Mulch thread.

Also earning their stripes that day were @zendog , @Alcedo , @Matt_in_Maryland , @marknmt , and one other who has remained inactive.

I’m really not all that impressive with the stats. I just frequently utilize the tools that Discourse makes available.


The Patriots won over the Denver Broncos, 24-7. :football:


Really, not the Superbowl I watched. Broncos beat the Panthers. I believe 24-10.


Joking Fruitnut, just joking.


Patriots would have beaten Denver if they had been at home. They, Pats, had the best team this yr. Just too many injuries. In my mind that means they probably would have beaten the Panthers as well.


I had gotten as far as typing the following when you and fruitnut added to the replies: “Well, if that’s who was playing, there may not have been anyone rooting them on more strongly than you.”

Now it looks like you really were the strongest cheerleader for that particular game. :joy: And I’m laughing hard at myself because I didn’t even realize it was a joke.


Mrs. G.,

"The Patriots won over the Denver Broncos, 24-7 " Your and my wish :smile: There is always next year.


I was thinking that about the Seahawks,but I’m being partial. Brady


Yes, thank you Scott. By the way , what is the traffic like on the site?


There are lots of indications of traffic, I’m not sure which ones you are interested in. We get about 12000 requests per day for page loads, half of which is by people without user IDs. Around 150 different user IDs log in each day.


Washington Senators defeated the NY Giants in seven games:grin:


I think the Packers have the best team but suffer from to many injuries.


Well the Packers had their share of injuries but I don’t think as many as the Patriots. Denver and Panthers combined had 15 players on IR, injured reserve. The Patriots had 19. The Pats were the best team last yr and might have won this yr with home field advantage in playoffs. One more regular season win and they’d have played Denver at home for AFC championship.

I do like the Packers but they haven’t proven themselves in recent yrs. The Seahawks have proven themselves but I think their issue this yr was more about loss of boom on defense rather than injuries. Got to like Russell Wilson, great young player and first class in all regards.


FN, I like the Cubs, but they haven’t proven themselves in any ones memory…Next year!!!


The Packers played their first game against the Cardinals without their offensive line and they have been without out Jordy Nelson all year. The second time their last game was the first time they had all their starters back on the line. Randall Cobb was the only starting receiver and he went out in the beginning of the game. They had secondary starters out too on defense. They almost beat the Cardinals with receivers who only caught two and three passes all year. They outplayed the Seahawks last year except for a couple flook plays at the end that totally turned the game around with a touchdown offsides kick and touchdown. They beat the Seahawks first game of this year. The next game after last years championship loss.