Felco pruner vs lawn mower

I love my Felco pruners and they are generally pretty durable. But, they can’t take a lawn mower. I was pulling weeds around some trees and used the pruners on the toughest ones. Of course, I didn’t need pruners for most of the weeds and put them on the ground. At which point, I accidentally covered them with pulled weeds. When I came by with the mower a bit later to chop up the weeds, there a loud thwack and the mower stopped dead.

But, the mower starts again, while the Felco pruners will need to be replaced…


At least now you have a legitimate excuse to try @alan ‘s favorite pruner :blush:

Bummer. My mower couldn’t win against a small stump in high grass.

Cool, now you can try the even better pruners ARS makes! Lucky you!
Also the cleaner they sell is awesome!

Damn you beat me too it!

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Okatsunes would have kicked that mower’s ass :wink: Steel handles.

You may want to remove and sharpen your mower blade. Probably got a pretty bad ding from that impact.

Maybe a bit of duct tape or some Elmer’s polyurethane glue…:grin:

Too late- I already re-ordered Felco’s from Amazon. Maybe I should get a backup set? :slight_smile:

Does that mean that the mower was destroyed, or that the blade stopped? I’d probably just trip on the stump…

I bet it was well dinged up even before that. I’ve had it for years and never sharpened it. I suppose I should figure out how to do it, as it would probably cut better.

It crossed my mind, but somehow I don’t think it would be able to take the leverage :thinking:

Hey they are fine too. I do like ARS better, but both are nice. It’s nice to have a good quality pruner. I use mine ton’s, the ARS the blade is harder than any other and so dulls the slowest, I have had to sharpen mine but only because I hit fencing and such. I can’t see well anymore! ARS sells a sharpening stone, I may pick it up at some point.