Fertilization Schedule in Nashville

Hello! New user here. I planted six apples, three pears, and two cherries on our new property in 2023. I did not fertilize at planting, but did mix in some mushroom compost with the native soil (about 50/50). Trees were growing well and then the deer struck. Heavy damage overnight. The trees are now protected but were extremely stunted. The cherries got the brunt of the damage.

All trees were whips, pruned about thigh high. All branched well and put on about 8-12” before the deer.

The trees closest to the house put on about 12-18” by fall, others further away were completely stripped and never recovered. Cherries (furthest away) incurred the most damage and died back to just above the graft. I’m surprised that they lived through the winter.

This spring (2024) I have planted two more apples, two more pears, and eight blueberries. I bought six of the blueberries from TyTy before reading about them on here. They arrived in fairly good condition. Hopefully they were labeled correctly. I also transplanted raspberries and strawberries from our previous property.

Anyway, I’m curious about a local fertilization/spraying schedule. I’d appreciate all the help I can get regarding the trees and blueberries. The raspberries and strawberries grow like weeds.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about the deer.

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Deer and orchards/gardens do not mix well. The deer win every time. I finally built a five foot high woven wire fence around mine. No deer problems for five years.
I fertilize twice per year(late winter and bloom) with a granular fertilizer (13-13-13) or what ever the local MFA farm supply has. I sprinkle about 2 pounds around a 3 foot wide area under the drip line of the trees. I the new yearly growth on the branch tips isn’t 12-15 inches, then I may add a pound of Urea (46-0-0)

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Yes, the fence will be going in later this summer. First time experiencing the deer pressure. Thank for the suggestion. I wasn’t going to fertilize nearly that much for a fear of over doing it. Good advice.