Fertilizing via soaker hose and this contraption

Do people fertilize vegetables through soaker hoses? How?

This contraption was on sale at my gardening center so I got one to try. It attaches to the soaker hose and it came filled with fertilizer.

I’d like to keep using it to fertilize but I’m not sure what to refill it with. Anyone have any idea?

I’m not sure what strength/weakness I should put in the little bottle


It and refills were on clearance at my HD. I bought one plus about 5 refill bottles. The first bottle worked and after that it stopped working. I now pour the refills in my water reservoir.
To answer your question I think something like the granular Miracle Group that dissolves completely would work fine. You will have to do a little math to figure your concentration.

That’s the crux of my problem/question. What kind of concentration am I going for? Let’s say I’m using Miracle Grow and it calls for 1 TBS per gallon when used with a watering can. Obviously if I mixed it to that concentration, the solution would be very diluted when mixed with the water from the hose. So do I double or triple (or more) the suggested concentration?

Surprising I’ve found very little online this subject and almost none of it was recent.

This document by @Richard might be what you are looking for: Fruit Fuel Instructions (public) - Google Docs

If you want to actually know the nutrient concentration of your mix you should pick up a TDS (aka PPM / EC) meter. For general fruit growing you can use a mix concentration of 1.2-1.5 EC, which is the same as 600-750 PPM.