Few pictures


Lime tree grown from seed

Peach tree grown from seed

Dragon fruit

Burro bananas

Semi dwarf cherry tree

Ultra dwarf Santa Rosa plum

Apple tree grown from seed in bad shape, just went through powdery mildew. Thinking about cutting it down.


I know peaches will generally produce good fruit from seed if the parent fruit was good. I’m not sure that is the case with apples though.

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The peach produces good fruit, very sweet.

The apple tree been growing for about 7 or 8 years. Probably will graft on it with a different apple, if I can find a apple tree I can take cuttings from.

Apples are probably the easiest to graft imo. You should do it now if your tree is pushing leaves. Honestly take some clippers to a gardening center and if they have any dormant bare root trees there ask if you can clip a few inches off.

I will have to try that.

Thank you

First flower on the peach tree.

Mulberry’s changing colors. Does anybody know what type of mulberry do I have?

Asian pears putting on leaves and training her.

Cherry tree

And my pretty boy also enjoying Cali Sun…


Could that dead tree be the source of the powdery mildew? I would get rid of that and see if it helps along with a fungi spray.

The plant already had powdery mildew before I put the trunk there. But you’re right. I should move it before pest or others diseases come by. Thank you

Your boy is so cute!

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Thank you. He enjoys being in the garden and eating fruit. He loves mulberry’s.

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