Field ladders?

Could anyone recommend a good field (3-legged) ladder? 6 foot if they make them, or 8 foot. I’ve got a ten and a twelve but they’re unwieldy (not as young and capable as I used to be) and taller than I really need. I have a 6 foot step-ladder but it’s unsteady on uneven ground.



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These are light and stable- the traditional orchard ladder. Aluminum Tripod Agricultural Ladders

I use a Little Giant because I manage many orchards and travel in a Tacoma and they are extendible with the ability to make one side taller than the other. Some even have a leg extender for use on especially uneven ground. they can be configured to a a step ladder or a straight ladder and extend twice as long as the latter (umm, ladder). I would recommend a smaller “classic” but at the LG web site it’s sold out. This might do the trick although it’s a bit more expensive. Little Giant Ladders | Dark Horse | Multi-Position Ladder – Little Giant Ladder Systems

I order mine not from the LG site but from ACE because they offer better customer service.

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Wow the price of those has gone up a lot. I much prefer the standard 3 leg to a little giant based on the weight. A 6 foot 3 leg is so light and maneuverable, and pretty much all the height you need unless you have some really tall trees. We have to use 12 and 14s in our old standard cherry orchard…not as much fun.

Oh I do have a pretty big little giant, so maybe smaller ones are better weight.

Orchard ladders are good just for orchards. although the tri-pod can occasionally be tricky, but they are not suited for solid surfaces so aren’t versatile. They also don’t allow you to walk up one side and down the other which can provide more range with fewer ladder settings- and when one must go way up, you can configure a LG to be a straight ladder in a pinch. They’ve made the weight issue less consequential by putting wheels on the base of one side of legs so you can roll them along the ground. However, to me, the crucial issue is transport and storage… the extension feature is very helpful.

All that said, some prefer a good aluminum orchard ladder which is certainly the lightest way to go and they can fit into a canopy well. There’s a reason those tri-pod ladders are called orchard ladders.

The smallest LG isn’t bad, the tallest is a challenge- I have an old one- maybe a 24 footer that is really too heavy for me to use as an extending straight ladder and I’m in pretty good shape. I bought it before they put wheels on the thing so it’s also a PIA to move around. I’ve been using them for decades now and my property has older ones all over that are just functional enough for me to use in my own orchard.

There are a lot of orchards,particularly Apple in eastern Washington.I wanted an 8 foot tripod type.When looking on Craigslist,there were used ones available sometimes,for an average of $75,but never could connect with anyone.
So,I found a guy,one town from me and paid about $100.He probably buys whole lots of them.
I like it,as it can be moved close in to a tree,without damaging branches.

Thanks for this thread. It is a kind of an important one for me. I have about a dozen trees that I am hoping to keep in the 12-14’ range. I was looking for for something that would get me 4-5 feet off of the ground and had a small platform on the top with a bar to hold onto. I ended up buying a Hailo L100 step ladder. [ HAILO L100 TopLine - 5 Steps | HAILO Online Shop ]It was a bit expensive and took foreeeever to arrive, but it fit that bill. The treads on the steps are deeper than most other ladders which I see as a plus. That said, I wish it were wider for a bit more overall stability and would certainly consider an option that provided that.

Thanks for the replies. My history with orchard ladders in cherry orchards goes all the way back to include the days of 16’ and 18’, and sometimes 20’, wooden ladders. The aluminum ones I have were actually given to us by a grower we knew near Lodi, CA, when he pulled out his orchards and put in wine grapes.

I looked at the ones in the thread Richard posted and the Oesco that Alan linked. I think it’s down to the Stokes, which I should be able to get at the local Tractor Supply, or the Oesco. Shipping costs from MA might decide it.