Fig cut to the ground

I just cut a fig tree down with mosaic virus and from what I have read the new suckers might not be effective by the virus so my questions is will any fig tree grow a new sucker after you cut the tree down to the ground (percentage rate)? Is there any techniques to stimulate the growth of suckers?

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I don’t have an answer but I’m patiently waiting for the same thing you are. I cut my CH back to the ground but haven’t noticed any new growth from the roots. I’m curious if anything will come of it.

It will sprout back. I’d bet on it. May take a few weeks but it will sprout.

I’d move that mulch back to give it room.

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As long as shothole borers do not attack it it should come back. The new growth will have FMV, yet in many cases the FMV will not be as severe . There will be shoots coming up in more than one place, from the roots and from the trunk, the stronger and the more more developed in the ground the roots are the better it will come back. How long has it been in the ground, If it’s been in the ground at least 4 weeks I’d add fertilizer as well, fertilizer makes fig trees less vulnerable to FMV. Some people use chicken manure for a fig tree that they need to grow faster. Here in NC a company calls their chicken manure fertilizer because chicken manure is very high in nitrogen to the point it can easily burn roots.

I just move to a new home in late winter and planted all my trees in March and I have used fertilized in the last month.