Fig dormancy question

Do figs need chill hours to bear fruit? I’m wondering what would happen if you had one in a heated greenhouse permanently. Would it continue to fruit all the time or does it need a dormant season?


From what what I’ve read,they need a little chill,about 100-200 hours.So that’s what I go by.
I did bring some into a heated room,about 70F,by a window,late Fall one year,but the leaves started looking like they were going into abscission.Then I put them into a barely heated greenhouse for the Winter.I think Figs are deciduous. Brady

Figs do grow and fruit in the tropics. But even there they often lose their foliage at least once a yr due to wet/dry or something else like foliar disease. So while they really don’t need chilling they’ll grow better if they defoliate and stop growing in winter. I’d try to provide that one way or another if you can. Vigorous growth nonstop 24/7/365 will I think eventually lead to a loss of vigor.

But shoot if you can try both ways. Set one outside during cool but not hard freeze weather during winter and keep another going nonstop. See what happens.

In my greenhouse I’ve been on chill cycle 4 weeks and the leaves are dropping. They are already primed to blast off as soon as I warm things up.


Yeah I think I can try both ways. My idea was to see if I could keep em going and see how many harvests I could push out of them. I may also try manually stripping one that stays inside and see what that does. Yes I knew that some vaieties of figs are certainly tropical evergreens but I wasn’t sure if common garden figs needed chill or not. I’ll let you know what I decide to do.


That last reply was meant for both of y’all sorry! I’ll let you know what I do and what happens.