Fig from cuttings eatly fruting - advice please

i have been growing figs from cuttings started a year ago, i live in california, for the most part these two fig trees have been growing slowly, i am not sure if i am doing something wrong, light, watering soil etc.
they are just taking a long time to grow and sprout new leaves, from what i have seen on the internet, after about a year and a half they should be a log bigger or am i wrong? randomly they will sprout leaves rapidly one or two leaves and stop for a few months.
second question! , one of the trees is already growing a fig as you can see from the picture, from my understanding, i should cut this fruit off to allow the energy to go into the growth rather than the fruit as this is still a small tree, is this correct?
thanks for any advice

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Fig trees will grow best when in full sun, with adequate watering and when fertilized “weakly” “weekly”. Also they need adequate space for root growth in rich soil. As to the one fruit, I would leave on the tree it if the tree is well provided for.

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The leaves look paper thin and pale. Am I correct? If so, it needs more fertilizer / water. What is your fertilizing schedule like?

If it’s a one year old fig, I would let the fig on there. If not, remove it. It looks like a newly started cutting honestly, so I would remove the fig.

Also, if you grew these indoors, and just recently moved them out, they may have experienced some cold (change in temperature), so they go mini-dormant. Or it stunts them. One of my cuttings have stopped growing for 2 months, and I am convinced it has went dormant (without dropping its leaves). So like a mini-dormancy, not a deep one. Both of my window cuttings went through the same thing, where I started them late last year and put them in front of the window for sunlight through the winter. They went dormant without dropping leaves. Then picked up like champs in the spring.

It looks like you have a black madeira correct? :joy:

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I feed mine every week with Miracle Gro 24-8-16 at 1/2 strength.


I always pick the fruit from my young trees I figure what’s a couple figs going to really do for me. I would much rather have the possibility of a lot of new growth so I would have a bigger harvest next year. plus the birds are squirrels will usually get a couple which might leave you with zero. I just cut 55 BlackBerry 1-year-old plants to promote new canes for next year I lost 200 berries now but I’m hoping that might actually produce several thousand extra next year because of the extra growth it’s gaining now.

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i have grown these 2 cuttings all indoors with limited sunlight, i have tried taking it outside in full sun and the leaves just droop so i brought it inside thinking that droop of the leaves cant be healthy, or is it?
i fertilize it with miracle grow once a month, very small amount. do i need some other fertilizing method? worm castings? how often should i water? right now i water once a week, too little?
sorry for all the questions i am still learning

by the way, this is a Texas Everbearing Fig TreeZone 8-11

I really can’t speak for fertilizer but I know when mine droop is lack of water. Once I put my figs in the ground things got way better for me I didn’t have to water so much and they took off a lot quicker.

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Drooping leaves means lack of water. In hot weather, figs trees in pots in full sun need to be watered almost every other day if it doesn’t rain.


I grew figs in Atlanta in pots I was watering them everyday when the temp started going up in the 80s ended up painting the black containers white with some spray paint. I’m no expert when it comes to fertilizer but I would think maybe a granular fertilizer would be better that way it’s staying in the soil instead of rinsing out like the water fertilizer especially if you have to water frequently.

  1. You’re fertilizing them too little. They need more now that they have rooted.

  2. You need to acclimate them to outside / sun. Early morning sun 30 minutes. Late afternoon 30 minutes. Do that for 2 days. Then 1 hour each. Then half day. Then full day. Or better yet, you can do like I do, which is to acclimate them indoors by your window. Put the blinds halfway so that they get some sun, and keep an eye on them. If it wilts, give them a 1 hour rest, then wash rinse repeat, each time pushing the limit. My cuttings love this method and usually acclimate fully within 4 or 5 days.


thank you for all the great helpful advice, i will make some changes and see how they grow in the next few weeks.

I never thought about fig feeding. I’m so use to watching my permanent plants grow so well without fertilizers, that I was not aware why my potted ones I grow for grafting are doing so poorly. Thanks for your help!
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