Fig leaves yellowing

Got my first figs this spring as dormant plants in 5 gallon containers. I haven’t done anything with them yet, they are just sitting in the plastic pots they came in in my front flower bed (faces south west, good sun). one is a celeste and the other is a violet de Bordeaux. I noticed today that both have a few yellowing leaves. any thoughts on what might be causing it? do I just need to re-pot? The leaves also appeared to be drooping a bit.

There could be quite a few reasons. But the most common one is the sun and water stress with container plants.

The best sun exposure for container plants is actually partial sun. Avoid the mid-day sun exposure. That will stress the plants with the hot sun and water stress. Some growers erect shade cloth for this reason.

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They look like fig trees that are used to low light being put in the dangerous afternoon sun. Put them in the shade, and give them a good watering.

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I can rule this out because they were purchased as dormant plants and have not been moved since they broke dormancy. they have the same amount of sun that they always have

I would not rule out anything.

I have two plants of my own from last year. I put them out in the sun. They put out good growth. Then they started to wilt. Now they are in the ICU. I have backup/replacement for them. So I care less. But everything can happen.

I can’t find anything wrong with the environment…

The most likely reason is short on water, too much heat, and lack of fertilizer. It’s hard to keep figs wet enough under your conditions when they are in small black pots. They need watering every day.


I am starting to wonder how much soil is left in the pot, a fig tree could wind up nothing but roots/no soil, especially in a small pot, the less soil the easier the roots dry out.

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It also depends on the type of growing media. Before I mixed in quite a bit wood product to reduce the weight. But the wood chips and barks do not retain water much and most water just running out. So I’ve started to mix in more compost and even nursery sand to the media.

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