Fig season slowing down... how to avoid

It’s been so long since I’ve had a good fig year with all the hard winter extremes we had for several years after 2012 (my last good fig year) that I can’t really remember how normal this year’s crop pattern is, but I’m assuming this year is pretty normal for a year without winter die-back. I had a small breba crop, then a break without hardly any figs, then several weeks of very good pickings, and then about a week ago things slowed way down. Some bushes were completely done more than a week ago, but most of my figs are still going, just ripening a lot fewer figs every day than they were before. So my question is: what are my options for continuing to get more figs? If I had pruned a couple of bushes back really hard in the spring, would those bushes still have made a good main crop but delayed? Are there varieties that ripen their main crops later (that would be good for parts of the Southeast where winter extremes can be an issue)? Any other suggestions? I have plenty of dried figs, and I’m still getting a dozen or more fresh figs every day from 4 or 5 bushes, but that’s only a small fraction of what I was getting from those same bushes a couple weeks ago, and more fresh figs now would be nice. Thanks!


Yes you can add some late ripening figs like those in the Col de Dame family. Rubado also is late. Black Madeira. I have Madeira Island Black (MIB) I don’t have BM, but probably the same fig.I have many of the Col de Dame series and can supply cuttings or root plants for a trade. I’m interested in Stone Fruit scion, and figs, or anything of interest. Or 5 bucks for 3 cuttings. Basically covering postage and a little for my time.Since we are friends and all, I won’t charge the outrageous prices. many of these late ripening types are the most sensitive types, and may not work if you have harsh winters. Or require protection. MIB is not that sensitive and one worth trying, although these are kind of early late season types. The CCD’s can be very late, again though more sensitive. Worth trying one at least. All are fantastic figs. Blanca, Noire, are nice.
I also have Craven’s Craving but I have obligations and nothing will be available this year.
Mine started to ripen now. 3 are almost ripe, 30 or more are green.

These figs seem to get larger every year. My favorite fig


i have some stone fruits scions for trade what are you looking for? or i can pay. thank you.

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I suggest figs like Dalmatie, Adriatic JH, Nero 600M (I think you have this one already). These ripen mid-season and should handle the cold well. I have some in ground that have been ripening for the past few weeks. They can be damaged in winter and still ripen a crop in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic. Dalmatie is a particularly large fig with great flavor. Moscatel Preto another great fig that has a long ripening period but mine is in a pot so not sure how well it does in the ground. Let me know if I can help you. We can trade.



In the winter, contact me and we can discuss a trade no problem.

Yeah save me a cutting or two! Lot’s of plums/pluots etc. to trade or figs.

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