Fig shuffle has began

Fist day outside for them this year


What?? How many days away from last frost date are you in 6b? Or are you just really dedicated

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So this is third leaf on my HC’s which I keep potted. I kept them in a cold room with no water after they went dormant in October. I watered them around Christmas and they responded by leafing out in early January. So now I will just have to move them in and out until frost has passed, I really don’t mind, kind of nice to see something green. Wednesday it was a high of 16 degrees, now it is 60 and shouldn’t freeze for several days.

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They are back inside now, 15 degrees outside currently.

It looks like you have a nice head start on the breba crop!

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Are those containers a bit shallow, or is it the camera angle? I grew my first fig in a 5 gallon bucket, and was surprised at how fast it became rootbound.

It’s the camera angle, they are about a foot deep. I think the pots are about twelve gallons. They are no doubt root bound, I may put one in ground this spring, I haven’t decided yet.

My fig inside needs watering about once a week or it starts wilting. I might just put it right int he ground this spring because its 8gallon pot is full of roots.

Can one dig these things up in fall and have them survive?

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Figs are pretty tough, you should be able to dig it up. Try to preserve as much of the roots as possible.

You will almost certainly set the tree back if you do dig it up. You should try to keep the upper part of the tree in sync with the roots. If you find yourself having to chop away a lot of the roots to get the tree out, make sure to prune up top too.

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I was considering the same thing, if I put one in ground I could dig it in October and prune it back , maybe do a burlap around the roots and tie the top into a bundle and store it until spring