Fig Spring Growth

Just like to hear what you guys think.

I get several fig plants in 10 gallon pots. They are probably in their 3rd year. Kept in garage over winter and looked healthy in spring. There are BT, Brunswick and some un-named. Most are trained to 4-5 branches.

In spring, new growth started from middle section of the branches, not from the apical buds. So I had to cut off the top of the branches to remove the late buds. Now each main branches have about 3 fruiting canes. I did spread some light Holy Tone twice this spring.

The container Mt. Etna trees are the exceptions. They grow very robust from the top.

My in-ground trees grow just as I expected or desired. They send a couple top branches from the apical buds.

This is Z6 and all plants are in full sun. Plenty rainfall.