Fig tree... Graft or get rid of it?

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Tree on the right generally fruits too late and I lose them all to frost in zone 7a Tennessee.
If I graft different varieties onto it will the rootstock still make the figs late or do I need to remove it and get an earlier variety? No idea what variety either of these are. Thanks

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I have a multigrafted fig tree, and each variety ripens at its own time, independently of the understock. However, I’m in a different climate zone (California 9b).

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The rootstock should not have any effect on ripening time. It will sucker profusely though and an above ground graft could be winter killed.

I’d chop out the crown with an old axe in the spring and graft to some nice roots.


I thought about grafting say Malta Black to roots of an old Brown Turkey but figured I’d have to deal with BT sprouts for eternity. How to stop the old bush from continual sprouting?

If a fig needs a longer growing season, I would try to get it going earlier in the spring by tossing a clear plastic sheet over it to create a sort of greenhouse. The extra heat earlier in the season will get it to fruit and ripen earlier. You can use the same trick in the fall to extend the time it needs to ripen its fruits.

The roots can’t sprout suckers, just the crown and any branches that have rooted.

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Very interesting! I may try this then.